Anupama 4th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 4th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 4th December 2023 episode starts with Ankush and Anuj discussing official matters in the office when Ankush mentions that the workload at the US headquarters has increased a lot.

Ankush suggests they visit the US office once and meet the new staff to establish a mutual bond from their side which picks Anuj's interest.

With curiosity taking over, Ankush asks Anuj whether he wishes to go back to the US sometimes, as he lived there for years with his family.

Anuj says that it is very weird that he did not want to come back to India before he met Anupama and now he does not wish to leave as everything he loves is in India.

Ankush says that Anupama is Anuj's lucky charm to which Anuj agrees at once and says that he just wants to live a stress-free life with Anupama where they watch the sunset together and reminisce about their old days together.

Anupama enters the cabin which surprises Anuj a bit as she was not supposed to visit the office after which Ankush gives them privacy and leaves to do other work.

As Ankush leaves the cabin, Anupama tightly hugs Anuj without uttering a word which leaves Anuj stunned and he asks what the matter is that is bothering her.

Anupama thinks about Vanraj and Pakhi's statements from earlier but does not reveal anything to Anuj and instead says that she can hug him anytime as she is his wife.

Anuj surrenders hearing Anupama's statement and tells her about his and Ankush's US discussion which leaves Anupama silent while Anuj talks to someone from the US office.

Meanwhile, Vanraj proceeds to bring fruits for Kavya but Kavya stops him and says that she wants some emotional care from him.

Kavya says that Vanraj does not even look into her eyes when he talks to her while he has plenty of time to take care of others.

Vanraj becomes honest and says that Dimpy's baby has the blood of Shahs running in it while Kavya is not the same after which he asks Kavya not to push the baby at him.

Elsewhere, Pakhi stares at her reports and imagines herself with her baby which makes her extremely happy.

As Anu passes by the corridor, Pakhi calls her and gives the good news to her after which she says that everyone will forget her once Pakhi gives birth.

Anu tells Pakhi not to say things like that as Anupama and Anuj will never forget her which leaves Pakhi with a sour mood.

At the same time, Anupama serves food to Anuj at the office and gets taken back as Anuj asks her to feed him with her own hands.

Anupama feeds Anuj after which Anuj also feeds Anupama and they get reminded of the time when they planned to open a restaurant managed by housewives.

Later, Vanraj makes tea for everyone but does not call Kavya which leaves her sitting in the corner and Vanraj notices Titu calling Dimpy on her phone.

Kavya stands up and tells everyone that she needs to say something which leaves Vanraj staring seriously at her.

Anupama helps Romil with his packing and wishes him best of luck for his new college when his girlfriend comes to meet him and makes Anupama curious.

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