Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 4th January 2024 episode starts with Vikram bringing Anupama to Yashpal and telling him that the assistant cook has been making many mistakes these days which is why he needs to be fired.

Yashpal understands Vikram's concern about not being able to manage the busy restaurant by himself and assures that he will help in the kitchen too but Vikram aims at recommending Anupama.

Anupama says that she will try to work at her best if she is given a chance to which Yashpal nods and asks Anupama to follow him to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Vanraj comes inside the house and gets welcomed by Kavya who showers flowers at him to present a grand gesture of thanks after which she starts attacking him for his ruthless egoistic nature.

Kavya says that everyone deserves a partner in their lives and only parents and children are not enough to fill that void of emptiness which Teetu can fill easily.

Leela is shocked to hear the name of Teetu while Kavya straightaway accuses Vanraj of trying to control his family's lives according to his demands.

Kavya adds that he is indeed the financial pillar of the family and she is grateful for whatever security he provides for all of them which is why she had returned home in the past but Vanraj should stop projecting himself as the God or invincible.

Vanraj speaks up, asking Kavya to stop projecting herself as a victim when in reality she has come back on her own will to get the financial security he provides in exchange for fulfilling her role as his wife.

Pakhi speaks up in the middle and says that Dimpy has a house of people which is why she should stop complaining but Kavya asks her to keep her mouth shut as she always tries to exhibit that she has done a good job of departing with Adhik and is very happy.

As Kavya says Vanraj should be grateful to find Tapesh who is willing to get together with Dimpy even after knowing the past, Vanraj says that he needs to hear everything from Dimpy herself.

Vanraj asks Dimpy if she thinks that the house is a cage to which Dimpy replies that she is very happy with fearful eyes and leaves.

Kavya spots everyone leaving and says that they need Anupama back while Anupama watches Yashpal cook in the kitchen and stands fascinated.

As Anupama suggests Yashpal add a spice to increase the taste, Yashpal asks her to continue the dish after which Anupama starts nervously but gains her speed.

Yashpal tastes her dish and asks her to prepare it the next day during restaurant hours which makes Anupama happy enough to rejoice.

At the same time, Aadhya tells Anuj that she is throwing a small party for her friends and Shruti assures Aadhya that she will prepare everything needed.

Anuj is shocked when Shruti calls Miss Joshi and asks her to prepare food for the party for which they will pay her separately and Anupama agrees only after she hears about Shruti's daughter.

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