Anupama 4th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 4th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Everyone telling Titu that Vanraj will agree to their relationship and Leela also supports them.

After that, Anu assures them that Vanraj does not have any reason to say no but the main thing is whether Dimpy and Titu want to live together or not.

Titu looks into Dimpy’s eye and says that he wants to spend his life with Dimpy after which he hugs her while Vanraj goes into his room and throws away the things here and there.

Sushma becomes happy seeing Shah's family being so caring and supportive and she says that Titu is blessed to have a family like them.

She says that after Titu and Dimpy’s wedding, she will go back to her village and assure them that she will never snatch Titu away from them.

Sushma asks Titu to come and meet her in the village whenever he misses her then Dimpy says that she will also come along with Titu and Ansh.

Dimpy mentions her as mother-in-law and Ansh’s grandmother which makes her feel good after that Adhya comes out and asks Anuj if is everything alright or not.

Anuj tells her that there was some misunderstanding which is being cleared now and Ansh asks if Titu will again try to hurt his mother.

Titu assures him that he will take care of her mother always after that wedding begins and they take pheras while Anuj recalls his wedding with Anu and becomes nostalgic.

Later, the wedding is completed and everyone becomes happy and the newlywed couple takes everyone’s blessing to start their new journey together.

Anu gives life lessons to everyone and says that now society is changing so they should adapt the things and mentality like that and men should learn how to adjust.

Anuj also supports Anu which makes her feel special after that Anu asks Leela and Kavya to welcome Tapesh to their family and she also asks Sweety to come along but she goes away from there.

Then, Anu does their aarti and asks them to come inside the house so Dimpy follows all the rituals and comes inside the house and takes everyone’s blessings.

Later, Anu gives sweet to everyone and Anuj looks into her eyes and admires her whereas Vanraj does not come out of his room and he recalls how Dimpy went against his plan and decided to marry Tapesh.

He feels bad seeing Dimpy saying that she can go against everyone for him while Anu asks him to come out of the room and give blessings to them and his heart melts.

He comes out of his room and gives a blessing then further rituals take place while Anuj saves Anu’s saree from burning which hurts Adhya.

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