Anupama 4th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 4th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 4th June 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 4th June 2023 episode starts with Anupama urging Vanraj to come with her outside as everyone is waiting for him.

Vanraj comes forward to thank Anupama for not telling anyone in the family about Kavya being pregnant.

He accepts that it is odd to think that another baby will be born as his son is getting married and that Pari’s uncle or aunt will be young compared to her yet he is happy.

Looking at Vanraj’s happiness, Anupama advises him to give his relationship with Kavya one more chance.

Vanraj nods slightly after hearing this and Anupama urges him to tell the family about the news once Samar’s marriage is over.

Meanwhile, Anuj is eagerly waiting for the groom’s arrival when Maya approaches him to inform him that she has made sure that the guests don’t need anything more.

Maya’s smile wipes away from her face as she realizes that Anuj is awaiting Anupama’s arrival but she does not say anything as Choti Anu asks them when the Barat will come.

Before Anuj can answer, he hears the sound of the band coming and as everyone looks up, they find the whole Shah family entering the Kapadia mansion premise with dance.

Anupama is the one who is dancing at the front with Toshu while Anuj’s eyes are fixed on Anupama’s moves.

As Maya follows Anuj’s gaze which is stuck on Anupama, she burns with jealousy.

At the same time, Anupama looks up while dancing and her eyes meet Anuj’s for a brief second who signals Anupama to dance with her heart.

Whereas Vanraj also holds Kavya’s back to make sure she stays safe while dancing and Kavya looks at Vanraj with a soft smile.

After a long dancing session, Anupama urges everyone to stop as now it is time for Samar to dance.

Anuj yells for Dimple to come as she also deserves to enjoy her wedding day.

When Dimple hears her name being called, she pretends to be shy in her room for some time while putting her hands over her face.

However outside, Leela objects to Dimple’s dancing since she is a bride but Anupama makes Leela understand that both groom and the bride deserve to enjoy their wedding as Dimple is going to become their daughter.

Just then, Dimple appears at the doorway for dance and Leela grumbles that Dimple has worn so much jewelry that she has forgotten to wear the jewelry of shyness.

Dolly overhears it so she advises Leela not to ruin the wedding today and Leela closes her mouth.

Meanwhile, one by one all the Kapadiya and Shah family members do a dance face- off including Samar and Dimple.

When it comes time for Anupama and Anuj, they get lost in each other’s eyes for a brief moment.

Anupama and Anuj quickly come out of the state and they refocus on their dance.

After the dance battle, the Shah family go to stand at the Kapadia mansion door except for Anupama who feels hesitant.

When Maya comes forward to do Samar’s aarti, Leela orders Barkha to do this since Barkha is older yet Barkha replies she does not know about the rituals.

Leela mockingly says it is not like Barkha has to fly a plane, instead, she just needs to use her hands to yet Barkha cannot do it which means Barkha is worse than a monkey.

Once the rituals get over, the Shah family enters for the wedding while Anupama looks around the courtyard with nostalgic eyes.

Tears well up in Anupama's eyes as she recalls her moments with Anuj and she tries to cross the threshold but fails miserably.

At the same time, Anuj appears at the doorway to help Anupama out and Anupama accepts that she is unable to cross the threshold.

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