Anupama 4th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 4th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Leela arguing with Baapu ji for allowing Anu to come home as people will taunt her and make her feel looked down upon.

Baapu ji asks her why is she behaving weirdly and speaking Vanraj's language when Anu is in America then she calls her her daughter and makes a lot of effort to make her win the competition.

Leela tells Baapu Ji that she is worried about the negative comments of the people which they will give after seeing Anu over there after which Baapu Ji tells her that Anu will handle everyone even Vanraj and Toshu.

On the other hand, Anu notices Vanraj arguing with someone on call and saying it is important for him for that lady to attend the wedding which confuses Anu.

She wonders what is going on in Vanraj's mind and if he is again doing something to ruin the wedding whereas Anuj gives a lehenga made by Anu to Adhya and he asks her to wear it to Dimpy and Titu's wedding.

Adhya says that she wants to wear it at his wedding after which Anuj insists she wear it at Dimpy's wedding after which she gets convinced to wear the saree and asks Anuj not to be forced to become the part of ritual of the wedding.

Meanwhile, Leela taunts Anu and asks Kavya to do the rituals instead of Anu and mentions her as a guest to hurt Anu but Anu tells her that she does not consider herself a guest and she is doing all these things for Dimpy and Titu.

After that, Anu goes into the kitchen to cook the food while Baapu ji tries to explain to Leela that she is doing wrong with Anu Anu thinks that again there are cockroaches in the dish so she rechecks it and recalls the day when Food Critics came in her restaurant for review.

She starts to shiver remembering that day and feels heartbroken while Vanraj comes into the kitchen and taunts her to cook carefully while Anu also gives a befitting reply to him about whether he lost his sleep after seeing her in Shah's house.

Later, Titu comes there and takes blessings of Anu and she assures him that she will manage everything that Vanraj is plotting against him while Vanraj receives a message from someone so he gets busy with it while Anu notices it.

Then, pooja begins at Shah's house while Anuj searches for clues to prove Anu innocent whereas Pandit ji asks Ansh's father to do the ritual of mundun of Ansh so Anu asks Titu to sit.

Vanraj argues and says that he will sit place of Titu as still he has not been married to Dimpy.

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