Anupama 4th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 4th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 4th March 2024 episode starts with Toshu telling Anupama to check all decorations and necessities beforehand as they will not get any time from the next day onwards.

Anupama says that she will go to the event venue after preparing the spices while Toshu prepares to leave for his work after arranging everything.

Stopping Toshu, Anupama feeds him a spoon of curd sugar and reminds him how he is the most educated family member of the Shah family and how he used to give his best all the time to emerge at the top.

Anupama says that Toshu has a lot of potential if he works hard after which Toshu assures her that he is going to give his best and leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Kavya does aarti of Vanraj and Leela as they are about to leave for their journey and Hasmukh asks Leela not to threaten the air hostesses like her daughter-in-laws.

The children ask for gifts from Vanraj and Leela while Mahi asks them to enjoy their trip and even gives a happy journey card to Vanraj but Vanraj does not take it by himself.

Vanraj asks the children to take Leela outside and make her sit in the cab after which he warns Dimpy and Pakhi to stay put and not meet any useless person inside or outside the house.

Pointing at Pakhi, Vanraj reminds her that the people in the house are her family and she should check her behaviour toward them at all points in time.

Hasmukh also reminds Vanraj that he should not say anything pointless to Anupama in America after which Vanraj leaves for his trip.

At the same time, Anuj oversees the arrangements in the event venue and catches a glimpse of Anupama's id card which then gets entangled with his own ribbon.

Anupama comes to the venue and asks for her id card but gets confused as the staff says there is no card with her name after which Anuj comes with the card stuck with his own.

However, Anupama immediately unclips the card from the ribbon and tells Anuj that one should break off things when the situation gets entangled.

Anupama starts arranging her stall and Anuj helps her a bit after which he hands her the strap of the card but their conversation gets interrupted with Yashdeep entering the scene.

Anuj watches Anupama and others from a distance and looks distressed as she hurts her leg due to muscle spasms while Yashdeep helps Anupama to treat the sore muscle.

However, Yashdeep takes his leave due to some official work and asks Anupama to spray the medicine over her ankle to help her get some relief.

On the other hand, Pakhi stops Kavya and Dimpy from going outside and says that they must be going to meet Teetu.

Kavya says that they are going to bring some stationary for the children and asks Pakhi not to imagine things that put her in misery.

Dimpy and Kavya explain to Pakhi that she needs to be happy herself in her life which can only be possible once she sees over the wall of anger and ego.

Back in America, Anupama receives a hot pad with a note from Anuj which makes her nostalgic while Anuj imagines Adhya who reminds him about the happy family constituting them and Shruti.

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