Anupama 4th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 4th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Shruti hallucinating that Aadya is going away from her and leaving with Anupama and Anuj which breaks Shruti as she begs them not to leave but soon she realizes that she cannot let this happen.

Meanwhile, Anupama goes outside and Yashdeep is with her dance teacher which makes Anupama happy.

She congratulates her for being selected as a wild card and asks her to come to the class as soon as she gets free since she has this event coming up.

Anupama says that she doesn’t need to worry as she remembers and Diya suggests she bring Aadya too to the academy since it is good for emotional and mental healing.

Just then, Yashdeep goes to receive a call when she asks Anupama how she is managing to live with her ex-husband when his future wife lives in the same house too.

Anupama says that hurts but not every love story has a happy ending and adds that she is in this house for Aadya and not for Anuj, expecting that Aadya starts liking her a little bit.

Diya says that Anuj too loves her and asks if he will be able to live this way.

She warns her that this is going to destroy Shruti’s and Anuj’s wedding and if this happens then Aadya will have to go through one more trauma.

On the other hand, Titu makes an entry dancing and dances along with the kids as others join him but Vanraj doesn’t let Ansh join them as he scolds Titu for doing this all.

Titu says that they should celebrate the occasion every day and offers to contribute to the expenses of the wedding when Dimpy shows a nuptial chain to Leela that Titu bought her which makes her emotional as she is happy to see Dimpy happy.

Dimpy asks her to keep the chain with her safely.

Titu then hugs Vanraj and says that he knows he doesn’t like him but he will with his heart and adds that soon he will start calling him son.

Back in America, Yashdeep says that if she feels overworked then she should put her tiffin service on pause but she refuses and Yashdeep and Diya leave while Yashdeep says that she can call him whenever she needs anything.

Just then, Annuj comes there and Anupama asks him instantly what he has decided about the wedding when he says that Aadya and Shruti are insisting on getting married to Aas as soon as possible so he is thinking about it.

At the same time, Vanraj is outside when two goons come and ask him to take off his rings and chain as Titu comes and asks them to leave if they love their life when Vanraj beats them away.

This impresses Titu and he says that they can go to the gym together but Vanraj ignores him and leaves.

The next day, Anuj recalls how Anupama used to wake him up with the splashes of her drenched hair but then he comes back to reality as he says that he felt like nothing went wrong in the life.

Then, Anupama goes to Aadya and asks her to have her medicine which Aadya doesn’t like.

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