Anupama 5th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 5th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj paying the florist and finding that there is a picture of him and Shruti in it and the picture of her and Anupama is absent while Anupama cries holding that picture.

Meanwhile, Shruti returns to the car whereas Anupama borrows a lighter from a stranger and burns it away saying she never kept the picture of Anuj and Aadya because it would have never let her move on.

On the other hand, Anuj asks Shruti about the picture and she says it is where it needs to be.

Anupama returns the lighter while Vanra and Leela discuss Pakhi returning to India as Vanraj says that they all must return to India as everything is a mess here and Titu has made it all worse.

Just then, Vanraj realizes that Ansh and Dimpy are not home and recalls Titu’s words about running away along with Dimpy and Ansh and gets worried but they return.

He asks them where they were when Dimpy tells him they went to the grocery store.

He makes Ansh sit and asks him to make a promise that he will never leave him no matter what.

Dimpy asks him what he wants to teach Ansh, to which he says that he wants Ansh to know that he must stay with the family.

On the other hand, Anupama’s dance teacher congratulates her for her success and says she knows she is already stuck with a lot of work but she wants her to manage everything for the upcoming dance event.

Elsewhere, Shruti shows a necklace to Anuj asking him to make her wear it as he recalls his past and accidentally hugs Shruti.

He realizes it and gets Aadya’s call and he is shocked.

Subsequently, Anupama dances with her dance teacher soulfully in sync and gets tangled and falls on her hand.

The teacher picks her up as she realizes her right hand is injured and is worried about the competition.

Back at Anuj’s home, Aadya’s ankle gets sprained when he tries to fix it while she panics.

They suggest taking her to the doctor but she is scared while Anuj says that have to see the doctor to rule out any possibility of fracture.

On the flip side, Vanraj tries to connect to Pakhi and asks her to return as she has to go to India but she refuses saying he should not decide for her because she wants to settle in India.

Subsequently, Anuj takes Aadya to the hospital where Anupama is also there and he sees her. Anupama asks Aadya what happened and she tells her everything while Aadya asks Anuj to return as Anupama says that she should not return without getting checked and asks the doctor to treat Aaya first.

The doctor tries to inject her but she is scared of injections while Anupama can’t stop coming to her and holds his shoulder.

Back at home, everyone talks about Pakhi being stubborn as Vanraj gets up and goes to bring Pakhi up. Meanwhile, the doctor finally injects her as Aadya holds her hand tightly.  

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