Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 5th January 2024 episode starts with Vikram noticing Anupama cooking a halwa in the restaurant and asking her what she is doing.

He asks Anupama where she got the ingredients for the dish to which Anupama replies that she used the money Yashpal's mother gave to buy things.

Anupama says that she is making the dish for Shruti's daughter Aadhya as it is not not good to go into someone's house without taking anything as a gift.

Vikram says that Anupama's principals are really something to look at which makes Anupama smile and she desperately waits to get to Shruti's house the next day.

Meanwhile, Vanraj seems disturbed by Teetu's words from the previous day and tells Kavya that she should think twice before saying anything from now onwards.

At night, Anupama finds a paper that Santa gave her at the airport which asks her to write her wishes for Christmas but Anupama remembers her past and asks herself what she wants in her life.

Kavya says that she is facing defeat only because of her daughter who is being raised through Vanraj's money.

Vanraj asks Kavya to go according to Anupama's suggestion as she is the person whom Kavya always idolises.

At the breakfast table, Dimpy accidentally spills water on Vanraj's shoes and bends down to wipe it but Vanraj tells her that daughters do not touch the feet of others and he is not scolding her.

Kavya understands that Vanraj is trying to emotionally manipulate Dimpy but decides to remain silent after which Pakhi comes to inform her that she is going to her house for a get-together.

Leela is shocked to hear that Pakhi is leaving Ishani behind at home and reminds her how she has always wanted to become a mother but now she does not care at all.

Pakhi leaves without listening to Leela's advice after which Vanraj also takes his leave.

At the same time, Anupama starts her new day and reaches Shruti's house where Shruti welcomes Anupama with a face full of flour as she is trying to cook.

Shruti is happy to see Anupama's gifts after which she shows her the kitchen and requests Anupama to make something Indian which Aadhya will love to eat.

Anupama tells Shruti that her house is beautiful and assures her that the food will be perfect for her family's taste.

Meanwhile, Leela shows Kavya the jewellery she has made for Ansh and Ishani after which she gives a ring for Mahi too which makes Kavya emotional.

Kavya thanks Leela for caring so much about her daughter while they notice Ishani falling out of the sofa and screaming in unison to save her.

A pair of hands catch Ishani who turns out to be Adhik and he showers his daughter with kisses while hugging her tight in his arms.

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