Anupama 5th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 5th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu asking Anuj why didn’t he go after that he tells her that he was not able to leave and starts staring at her.

Anu feels uncomfortable and she tries to hide her eyes from him and tries to ignore him but he continues to stare at her which makes her anxious and she tries to hide her feelings from him.

She comes to another place after that Anuj also comes over there and goes to every place where Anu is going and she also gets lost in his eyes and tears spills from her eyes.

After that, Anuj tries to hold her hands but she runs away from there with tears in her eyes directly into the kitchen after that Anuj also starts crying about his destiny.

Anuj eats too many sweets because he feels anxious whereas Aadhya sleeps along with the kids and murmurs that tomorrow she has to talk to Anuj regarding everything.

Meanwhile, Dimpy tells Titu that she was not able to make proper arrangements for him in the room after that Titu tells her that he is happy to be there with her and is feeling peaceful.

He tells her that though he has a house in Mumbai but never felt happy over there now he will have space for himself in this house along with Dimpy and Ansh which will make him complete.
Titu thanks her for accepting her and he hugs her after that he tries to be romantic with her then Ansh comes over there and asks why the was door locked.

After that, Titu lies to him that he was making a surprise for him and he starts enjoying himself with Ansh on next day Dimpy wakes up late.

She notices Titu making Ansh get ready for his school and she becomes happy to see it while Titu prepares breakfast for everyone they praise him while Titu asks them to not give him special treatment.

He asks them to treat him like their son only and Vanraj comes there and asks kids to come along with him for school but Ansh refuses and says that he will come along with Titu then Vanraj murmurs that Titu is doing drama.

Leela asks about Adhya and Anuj then Kavya tells her that they have gone to the hotel while Adhya asks him to go back to America now.

Adhya says that she will never give Shruti’s place to anyone in her life after that Anuj says that he will discuss it later Anu is honored again and she gets back the superstar’s chef trophy again.

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