Anupama 5th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 5th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 5th June 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 5th June 2023 episode starts with Anupama looking at Anuj with tears blurring her vision.

She tells Anuj in a low whisper that she cannot enter the Kapadia mansion as the memories of their moments keep reflecting in front of her eyes.

Anuj smiles softly upon hearing this so he urges Anupama to enter once again with her head held up high.

He tells Anupama that she does not need to feel hesitant to enter her own house since the house will always remain Anupama's yet Anupama does not seem confident enough to enter.

Looking at Anupama's tensed face, Anuj quickly goes into the house to bring some flowers for Anupama while Anupama just stands in confusion.

Anuj again appears at the doorway with some flowers and he pours them over Anupama's head to welcome her to the Kapadia mansion again.

This gesture fills Anupama with happiness and she looks at Anuj with a beaming smile.

Anupama enters the house with slow and steady steps while Anuj stands out of her way and admires her coming to their own hose after so many days.

After entering, Anupama lights up the diyas of the temple and adjusts everything that had not been managed through the span of time she was not there.

Anupama realizes what she is doing and tells sorry to Anuj while Anuj says that Anupama is managing her own house which is not something she should be sorry for.

Anuj tells Anupama that the Kapadia mansion has been hers, is hers, and will always remain Anupama's as everything that Anuj owns is eventually Anupama's.

Meanwhile, Dolly and Leela look around the decoration and Leela gets shocked as to how much Anuj must have spent on the wedding decoration alone.

Leela spots two women covered by veils and tries to point them out to Dolly but they hide behind the pillar and get saved.

Maaya interrupts Anuj and Anupama and tells Anuj that Pandit Ji is calling him after which she tells Anupama that she has something to talk to her.

As Maaya asks Anupama if she is feeling bad after coming to this house, Anupama says that she has stopped feeling bad as she never got to experience fair play when she herself played one such game.

Maaya says that she does not need to hear such things as she wants the things she desires fully while Anupama says that the results would get counted by God themselves.

Leela says that Anuj has spent so much despite being a stranger to Dimple which leaves everyone awkward and unamused.

Further, Leela starts talking about how Dimple still stays in the Kapadia mansion free of cost even though Anupama is not there anymore.

Vanraj and Hasmukh apologize to everyone on behalf of Leela while Leela asks what she has said so offensive to them.

The ritual of Varmala begins and Anuj comes across Anupama and Vanraj to start off the formalities as the parents of the bride and groom.

Maaya stands beside Anuj which gains the attention of everyone while Vanraj asks Kavya to join him and Anupama, making Kavya smile brightly.

After Anuj puts the garland on Vanraj, Samar and Dimple are lifted up by the men and they exchange garlands with a bash.

Every couple gets reminded of their marriage time and how they lovingly exchanged garlands with each other in the past which symbolized love.

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