Anupama 5th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 5th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Pandit Ji beginning with the Juneau ritual while kids ask about this ritual from Anu.

Anu explains to them that it protects the person wearing janeu from any problem makes him spiritual and keeps him rooted to his culture while Baapu ji says that nowadays people have started thinking of it as old-fashioned.

Later, the ceremony begins and everyone becomes happy seeing Ansh wearing the jane after that Bapu ji explains to him the real meaning of it and to never do anything wrong in life.

Anu asks god to give her courage so that she can stop Vanraj from doing wrong with Titu whereas Shruti starts crying while seeing off Adhya and Anuj.

Adhya asks her to not cry otherwise she won't go then Shruti asks her to not worry and to enjoy the wedding after that she tells Anuj that she will miss him.

Then, Anuj says that he is getting late so he leave for airport whereas Anu tells Baapu ji that she will live with Bhavesh in India and find out the person who made her culprit.

Baapu ji blesses Anu and says that soon she will get victory after that Titu says that he will drop Anu while Vanraj taunts her then Dimpy says that she has some stitch g work so she will also go with Anu.

Vanraj refuses to allow her and says that he will take her wherever she wants to go after that Anu says that she is there but Vanraj taunts her and says that he does not wish Dimpy to face embarrassment while going out with her.

After that, Anu comes back to the house and notices Devika with a gift over there and says that she wants to celebrate her success of becoming a super chef then Anu says that whole world is thinking of her wrong.

Devika motivates her and makes her eat cake which brings tears to Anu's eyes after that Devika ties a bracelet to her hand after that Devika tells her that Baapu ji and Dimpy Ji have invited her to the wedding.

Anu becomes happy then Devika asks her to make a masala tea for her which makes Anu nostalgic whereas the Shah family discusses Anu which makes Baapu ji angry and he goes back to his room.

Later, Anu receives a call from Yash which makes her anxious while Biji talks to her on call and tells her that Yash is guilty of thinking her wrong after that she tells Biji that soon she will prove all the allegations against her wrong.

Then, Devika discusses about Titu with Anu after that she receives a call from an unknown number and asks her to come to a given location which makes her anxious. 

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