Anupama 5th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 5th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 5th October 2023 episode starts with Anupama saying that their prank idea is very bad and warns everyone not to repeat such a thing again.

Anuj cries with his hands folded as he can understand how Anupama will react as she realizes the truth.

Vanraj sits by the door without saying a word as he has been traumatized to see his son die in his arms on the day, they went out to celebrate his happy occasion.

Anupama says that they should not stretch the joke to such an extent and brings the bowl of kheer that she had kept for Samar earlier.

Showing Anuj the bowl of kheer, Anupama says that Samar came and ate the entire thing by her hands as she fed him which is why their plan to fool her has failed already.

Anupama asks Anuj to call Samar and ask him to come inside the house as their prank is not funny anymore but Anuj holds Anupama and tells her that Samar has been shot and will not come back.

Anupama stands like a statue on hearing such a thing while the others remain shocked with tears starting to come out of their eyes.

Still, Anupama continues to say that they are trying to fool her and asks Vanraj why he is remaining silent throughout this prank as they are making jokes about his own son.

Vanraj remains still while Anupama asks him how he is able to hear such things about Samar and looks outside for Samar.

Vanraj holds Anupama's shoulders firmly and tells her loudly that their son is dead and is no more with them after which he falls to the floor and weeps his heart out.

Anupama sees Samar smiling at her outside and walking away which makes her run outside but she trips on the stairs and faints instantly.

After some time, Anupama comes to her senses while mumbling Samar's name and finds Toshu by her side after which she remembers the earlier conversations and stays traumatized.

Anupama falls from the couch on the carpet and continues to cry hard with Toshu silently weeping by her side.

Adhik, Anuj, and Vanraj come to the hospital to take Samar's body and Vanraj gets agitated after the inspector refers to Samar as "body" instead of his name.

The doctor comes to Vanraj and asks him to read the papers even though it is not a good time for him to think about such things.

Meanwhile, Kinjal comes to Anupama and asks her to control her emotions as they need to look after Dimple whose condition is getting worse with every passing minute.

Kinjal reminds Anupama that Dimple is going to become a mother and such stress can lead to a miscarriage.

At the same time, Vanraj shows Anuj the papers and asks him how he is to agree to such a thing but Anuj tells Vanraj that they can provide life to someone else by donating the organs of Samar.

Anuj says that it is already dark in their home but the organs can light up someone else's family who is in need of it.

Anupama starts coming to her senses and remembers Samar's promise of looking after Dimple and his child which makes her sit up.

Kinjal looks emotionally at Anupama while she wipes away her tears and says that she needs to fulfil her promise to Samar.

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