Anupama 6th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 6th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama sitting near Aadya in the hospital realizing she shouldn’t be here and she leaves giving Anuj instructions about Aadya’s post-injection care.

Anuj asks her to take care and she leaves while Pakhi talks to Aarush saying she did not board the flight intentionally and now he will not be able to find her.

Just then, Vanraj asks from behind if she will come here or if he should come there.

She goes to him, asking how he knew her location, to which he says that Aarush is posting pictures on social media that too with location.

He takes her home forcefully.

On the other hand, the doctor says that it is a tissue injury and she will give her the injection but she must be careful about the movements.

Anupama gets worried saying she needs to be in a cooking competition but the doctor says that it is impossible.

Just then, Shruti comes there and apologizes to Adya for not being there while Anuj says in her heart that that Anupama forgot all her pain when it came to Aadya and recalls how perfect that moment was.

At home, Vanraj brings Pakhi asking about the FD he had made in Ishani’s name which leaves Pakhi speechless as she says that she used it for her business which infuriates both Vanraj and Leela.

Leela asks her which business is she talking about, the one that has not even earned a penny.

Pakhi tries to justify herself saying it happened at the beginning of the business and questions her what she knows about it as she has never done a job.

She talks rudely to her while Hasmukh speaks up saying she must not talk that way about his wife, saying what Leela has done can’t be compared and Pakhi says that she did not mean to be rude.

She further adds that her family never supported her when Vanraj says that they have been supporting her for the last five years and Pakhi says that Aarush is far better than them as he has promised her to double her money.

Vanraj calls her stupid, telling her that he will run away with the money because did the same and ran from India and here too.

Kinjal says that she will not be keeping Pakhi in the house anymore when Vanraj and Toshu agree.

Meanwhile, Yashdeep brings milk for Anupama as she is very frustrated at herself for being so careless but cheers herself saying that she can cook with her left hand.

Just then, Shruti enters the restaurant while Dimpy meets Titu telling him their relationship has nothing but pain and he goes away accepting her decision.

At the same time, Shruti invites Anupama and Yashdeep to her sangeet party and asks them to cater to their function but Yashdeep refuses saying they have prior commitments.

Anupama asks him why he refused, to which he says that her hands are not well and she will get hurt, to which she says that they are in desperate need of money and he should have agreed. 

She asks him to say yes to Shruti right away.

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