Anupama 6th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 6th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 6th February 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 6th February 2023 episode starts with Maya asking everyone if they have seen club dancers in movies.

She announces that dancers don’t ruin society, instead, they themselves get used in this industry.

Looking at Anuj, Maya says if there are men like Anuj in the world, then there is another section of men like Arun who will do anything inside the club to get the dancer's attention but will refuse to recognize her in public.

Maya starts telling everyone that her father named her Uttara without knowing that this star will fall into the mud one day.

She states that she is a pandit’s daughter who used to be very religious but one day, she fell in love with the village head’s son.

Anupama grabs Maya’s hand to give her emotional support while Maya explains that she eloped with the boy despite her parents’ warning.

She starts telling her life story about how her lover left her in a brothel in Mumbai without her realizing it.

When everyone looks at Maya with tears in their eyes, Maya reveals she tried to run away but every time the brothel people found her and beat her non-stop.

She tells everyone that she used to scream whenever they hit her with a belt as she gets the flashback of the man hitting her so much that she accepted the lifestyle.

Maya announces that people think whatever is shown on TV is fiction but till now many girls get trafficked this way in India.

She says that she accepted her defeat as the scar in her heart was huge compared to the physical pain she was enduring.

When Maya tells everyone that she does not know the name of Choti Anu’s father since a lot of men have used her body while Anuj and Anupama’s faces go pale due to horror.

Maya announces that Choti Anu became a ray of sunshine as she gave her a new life and the strength to fight and with Sushma’s help, she ran away.

Anuj looks away as he cannot listen to this anymore whereas Maya shows Anupama the scar on her back which she got due to her struggle to leave that place.

She recounts she reached an orphanage that night and left her daughter with a promise to come back for Anu someday.

Maaya says that when she went back home, her mother refused to let her in as she blamed Maya for her father's death.

She further adds that she met a lovely couple who became her mentor due to which she finished her education and opened an event company in which she gives new models a chance.

Maya proudly states that she has rescued many girls from brothels to give them new chances to start their lives.

Looking at Anupama, she tells her that the day Anuj and Anupama brought Choti Anu home as foster parents, she got into an accident on her way to the adoption center.

Planting her feet on the floor, Maya says that she does not care what anyone thinks of her but she will take Anu’s custody.

Maya even tells Ankush that he himself has an illicit son yet he has the guts to question her character.

As everyone gets shocked after hearing this, Maya points fingers at Anuj and Anupama for not doing anything for Ankush’s son.

She even announces that she believes blood relationships are most important as Anupama and Vanraj always come together for their kids.

Afterward, one by one all the family members apologize to Maya for making assumptions while Anupama puts her arms around her.

Anupama then clicks her bangles with Maya’s bangles to make her understand that women are like bangles.

She even asks Ankush that if a man leaves Maya, then it is not Maya’s fault and everyone has the right to say but they need to learn where to stop.

Putting an arm around Maya, Anupama thanks her for giving birth to Choti Anu as Maya is the Devki of their Kanha.

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