Anupama 6th February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 6th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 6th February 2024 episode starts with Yashdeep telling Anupama that her BP is stable now and informs her that Shruti has called.

She thinks about what Aadya told her about Anuj's wedding.

Yashdeep gives her the medicines as she asks him to eliminate the expenses from her salary, which he says not to worry about.

Right then Beeji enters, with flowers, and hands them to Anupama, telling her that someone sent them for her.

She wonders who it is and finds out it is from Shruti as she recalls Aadya announcing that Anuj and Shruti are getting married.

She wonders how Shruti knows that she likes mogra as it is quite unusual for someone to send mogra flowers.

Meanwhile, it turns out that these are from Anuj who sent this bouquet wishing her peace and calm with Shruti's name.

Anuj thinks to himself that he can neither hurt Aadya nor Shruti but wants to meet Anupama to get closure to his questions to move on.

He decided to meet her to ask her questions.

On the other hand, Kinjal and Toshu struggle to get Pari to sleep as she demands to sleep with Anupama.

Kinjal asks Toshu to play with Pari as she prepares lunch for tomorrow, to which he replies that he too is tired and they get into a fight.

This frustrates Pari and she shouts at them to fight all they want but send her to Anupama.

They say sorry to her and she asks them to bring Anupama here.

On the flip side, Kavya asks Vanraj to drop his mask and adds that it's very clever of him to pretend to give Dimpy all the freedom while getting hold of the authority.

She says that he made sure to handle the admission so that she doesn't think of herself as a great person and does what she wants as she, Kinjal, and Anupama did.

Also, to make sure that Titu doesn't help her and that only women and children can take admissions.

Vanraj asks her to shut up and says that he will do whatever he pleases.

She suggests him not hold relationships this tight or they will slip from her hand.

Back at Spice and Chutney, Anupama gets back to her work while Yashdeep takes her inside.

She finds mogra flowers everywhere while everyone welcomes her and Anupama says that this staff is her new home.

Right then, Shruti comes inside with a bouquet and hugs her and tells her that she is happy to see her asking how she is doing, handing her the bouquet.

Anupama asks her why she brought the bouquet as she had sent one yesterday of Mogra's.

Shruti says that she didn't send any boutique as Anupama realizes that it was sent by Anuj.

Anuj comes inside and she sees her as Shruti introduces him to her as her fiance while they both recall their past.

She tells her that he loves Anupama's masala chai and Indian food.

Meanwhile, Aadya is worried that what if Anuj and Anupama patch up.

Back at the restaurant, Yashdeep offers everyone a seat while they all talk about drawing Spice and Chutney’s name from the fair.

Shruti later asks her to hold the responsibility for her and Anuj's wedding catering as Anupama recalls her marriage.

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