Anupama 6th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 6th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Kavya waking up at night and observing someone out there behind the curtain which makes her anxious.

She goes to check and gets to know that Baapu Ji is there after which she asks him what he is doing there.

Then, Baapu ji tells her that he was having acidity so he wasn’t able to sleep properly whereas Vanraj is confused with his planning against Titu.

Kavya notices it and asks him what is he doing there after which he also asks her what is she doing then she tells him that she was searching for medicine for Baapu ji.

After that, Vanraj goes from there while Kavya doubts him so she tells Anu about it and Anu decides to go and meet that stranger lady along with Devika.

Titu dreams that his truth has come out in front of everyone after which he wakes up and becomes anxious and decides to tell his truth tomorrow whereas Devika asks Anu about Titu.

She tells him that Titu is a very nice person and he can do anything for Dimpy and says that she wants to know what is going on in Vanraj’s mind and which game he is playing with Titu.

Later, Anu asks Devika to stop the car but they don't find anyone there Kavya calls Anu and asks her if she found any clue then Anu tells her that she is searching for the truth.

Anu prays to god for a good future for Dimpy as she has suffered a lot and now she does not want Dimpy to suffer anything because she is too young to bear this pain.

Just then, a man comes there and starts behaving weird with Anu and Devika which makes them feel anxious then Anu asks her to drive the car so they anyhow manage to run from there.

Anu says that the work that they did there, has not been completed then Devika says that if it would be so urgent then she will call them.

On the next day, Anu begins her day with starting puja and asks god to make today’s day peaceful, and after that functions begin at S's house.

Devika also comes there along with Anu and acts in the same way as Leela behaves, which makes her mouth shut, and tells Leela that Baapu ji and Dimpy invited them.

Leela argues with Baapu ji for inviting Devika over there while Vanraj says that after Anu and Devika came there the environment was ruined.

Dimpy introduces Devika to Ansh and the other kid whereas Toshu asks Vanraj to come along with them for pooja but Vanraj shares his suspicion with him.

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