Anupama 6th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 6th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 6th November 2023 episode starts with Malti devi asking Anupama what she is trying to say to which Anupama tells Malti Devi that both of them are well aware of the matter.

Anupama says that she is talking about Pakhi, asking Malti Devi why she told Pakhi that Anupama loves Dimpy more compared to her.

Malti Devi gets silent while Anupama says that there is never any difference between her love for her daughter and daughter-in-law as both of them are equal to her in all ways.

Malti devi asks Anupams if she is taunting her to which Anupama says that she does not have the habit to taunt anyone and prefers to say everything face-to-face.

Anupama says that Malti devi shouldn't have told Anu that Anupama does not have time for her because she is busy with Dimpy which is why Anu should always go to Malti devi instead of her mother.

Malti devi denies telling anything to Pakhi while Anupama says that her children tend to tell her everything even in anger and Anu cannot utter a lie by herself.

She adds that Malti devi has tried coming between Anupama and her children in the past too but could not succeed and even now, she will ensure that Malti devi fails in her motives.

Malti devi feels angry inside and tells Anupama that she does not have any time for her family which is why she needs to step in.

Anupama reminds Malti Devi that even though the house belongs to every family member, only Anuj and she can decide who can live there and for how long.

As Malti devi spots Anuj coming downstairs, she changes her tone, saying sorry to Anupama which leaves Anupama confused but she understands the whole situation as Anuj asks them what the matter is.

Malti devi leaves while Anupama believe that Malti Devi has not changed one bit and still has her manipultive schemes ongoing.

Anuj asks Anupama to relax a bit as she does not need to worry about everything after which Anuj and Ankush come to have a meal with Romil and talk to him regarding sex education.

With a casual approach, Anuj starts the conversation, asking Romil if he has a girlfriend as he is quite cool and handsome and must be famous in his college.

Romil gets a bit taken back hearing such a question and tells Anuj and Ankush that he does not have a girlfriend but likes someone.

Ankush and Anuj nod playfully after which Anuj shares how he used to like Anupama in his college days but could not confess to her.

Meanwhile, Malti devi comes, asking Anupama what conversation needs to be done outside that Anuj and Ankush took Romil with them.

After hearing the matter, Malti devi is shocked and tells Anupama that children need to be punished immediately if something like this happens but Anupama does not agree.

Anupama says that parents need to change with changing times so that they can guide their children properly by teaching them what is right and wrong.

Malti devi refuses to accept that talking about sex is a right thing to do and Anupama says that they have different visions about this matter.

Elsewhere, Anuj tells Romil that the internet does not always give the right information to curious questions of teenagers to which Ankush adds that they are always there to answer anything that Romil wants to know about this transitional age.

Anuj admits that an age gap will be there but they are always open minded to help Romil after which Romil thanks them for doing that conversation even though it was awkward.

Anupama gets happy to get Anuj’s message, saying that he has talked to Romil which makes her feel relieved.

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