Anupama 7th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 7th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj patting Aadya to sleep when Shruti comes there and receives a text from Yashdeep saying that they will cater to their function and calls him home to discuss the menu.

She tells Anuj that the caterers had to cancel and all other Indian caterers were books so she went to Spice And Chutney and they agreed, adding that she loves their food.

On the other hand, Anupama asks Yashdeep to stand by her always and show her that path and the rest she will do by herself. 

Concurrently, Dimpy regrets her decision and calls out Titu, running, searching for him when he comes from behind saying that he is here, adding that he knows that their story will be complete only when he goes back with Dimpy and Ansh.

They both hug each other and cry happily.

Subsequently, Shruti goes to Aadya asking her what is wrong as she asks her why she invited Anupama to sangeet for catering, to which she says that it is important for Anupama and them to have closure, to which Adya shows her concern saying she is afraid that their happiness might get jinxed, but Shruti assures her that she won’t let that happen.

On the other hand, Hasmukh feeds Anupama while the kids ask her to eat or Hasmukh will scold her and the kids also feed her one by one.

Leela asks her what she will do in the competition and Vanraj says that now she has an excuse for getting eliminated.

Anupama says she is not like he is because she makes food and but excuses.

He asks her not to get herself insulted and not participate in the competition but Anupama gives him a strong reply while Hasmukh and the kids wish her all the best.

Subsequently, Pakhi gets Aaeush’s call and he says that if she trusts her father then she must take her money back but she says that she just got a question so she asked.

He further adds that he has no profit in this business, he is just doing it because she is his friend and he likes her while Pakhi says that she likes him too and disconnects the call.

At Anuj’s place, Aadya sees Superstar Chef when Anuj comes to her room asking her why she isn't asleep yet.

She says that she is covering that repeat telecast and Anuj joins her.

She goes to the washroom and asks him not to change the channel.

He sees Anupama’s picture in the shortlisted contestant as he sees that her wrist is injured and wonders how she will do the show with this injury as she assures her on the TV that she will do this.

It all turns out to be his imagination.

In the meantime, Vanraj learns that Titu is talking to Dimpy about them getting married which infuriates him and she says that she has decided to marry Titu while Vanraj says that he won’t let her take Ansh with her.

She says that she will take Ansh with her but he refuses which makes her say that she shall take legal action if he doesn’t agree.

The next day, Anupama goes to her competition and meets Anuj midway.

He wishes her all the best and gives her a bracelet which has All The Best written on it. 

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