Anupama 7th February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 7th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 7th February 2024 episode starts with Shruti and Anuj talking to Anupama and Shruti saying that she is leaving every duty of her wedding to Anupama and knows she will do the best job.

Anupama controls her emotions in front of Anuj while he notices her changing expressions after which Anupama utters a hard-felt congratulations to Anuj and Shruti for their upcoming marriage.

Shruti gets a call from her workplace and informs everyone that she needs to leave but asks Anuj to enjoy his tea and discuss anything he wants with Miss Joshi about the wedding management.

After Shruti leaves, Anupama avoids facing Anuj and tells Yashdeep that she is returning to her work but Anuj calls her name which makes Anupama stop in her tracks with her eyes wailing up with tears.

Anuj comes closer to Anupama and calls her "Anu" saying that he needs to have some important discussion with her but Anupama replies that she does not want to talk to Anuj.

As Anupama is about to walk away, Anuj holds onto her hand and asks her not to go as he needs the answers to his questions which he has held for the past 5 years in his heart.

Anuj requests her not to run away from him as he needs to hear some simple answers that will give closure to both of them.

Yashdeep notices Anupama edging on the verge of a breakdown and interrupts Anuj from keeping on his pleading act by asking him not to trouble his employee.

Anuj smiles sarcastically realizing that his desire to talk to her is considered mere poking and harassment in others' eyes.

Anupama walks away from there as soon as Anuj leaves her hand and comes to the kitchen to cry by herself but Anuj stands there and sees everything clearly through the glass window.

Anuj walks closer to the glass window and stares at Anupama while saying nothing after which he decides to leave the restaurant as he does not wish to cause any further scene inside.

However, Anuj tells himself that everything that is happening is not right as destiny has not brought him and Anupama closer so that she can run away from him while Anupama controls her tears and goes back to her work.

Meanwhile, Pakhi asks her lawyer to prepare a nasty case against Adhik even if it is fake as she will not sit silently because of the notice while Leela asks Pakhi to come to her senses.

Leela tells Pakhi that her case is very weak as Ishani will instantly choose Adhik over her because of the way she treats her daughter to which Vanraj also agrees.

As everyone asks Pakhi to talk to Adhik and bring out a solution, Pakhi asks them to stay out of her matter and leaves in anger while Adhik is spying on the discussion from a distance.

Vanraj decides that he will talk to Adhik by calling him home while Adhik says that he will not submit to the Shahs this time and take away his rights.

Elsewhere, Shruti tells Aadhya about Miss Joshi managing the catering at the wedding which leaves her shocked after which Anuj confronts her about knowing Anupama.

Aadhya says that Anuj has broken his promise and she has already told Anupama that she and Anuj are happy without her because of her hate toward Anupama.

Anuj feels frustrated on hearing Aadhya while Anupama starts packing her things when Yashdeep comes and asks her why she is trying to run away again.

Anupama tells Yashdeep that she left Anuj because she loved him but remains silent in shock when Yashdeep asks her if Anuj is happy in his life without her.

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