Anupama 7th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 7th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with kids taking care of Adhya and giving her princess treatment which makes Adhya feel very special after that kids sing a lullaby for her and she falls asleep.

Adhya dreams about Anuj and Anu while sleeping and she becomes terrified recalling that Anu loves Anuj a lot then Ansh asks her what happened after which she tells him that she is not feeling good over there.

Anu asks Kinjal if everything is fine over there or not then Kinjal tells her that Vanraj is not talking a lot otherwise everything is fine over and she asks Anu to conduct pooja for Dimpy and Titu.

After that, Anuj comes there and he brings medicines for Adhya and gives them to Anu and goes from there while Kinjal tells Anu that it is a signal from Krishna ji that he wants Anu and Anuj to be together forever.

Anu does not believe in it after that Kinjal gives her motivation and asks her to think about it as rarely do people get a second chance in first love whereas Toshu and Pakhi dream about their flats and other things that they want to do and become happy.

Pakhi says that she wants to enjoy her life when suddenly crow starts chirping which makes Pakhi anxious and they say that for sure Anu will create chaos in their plan.

Meanwhile, Titu and the kids dance for Adhya so that she can feel good while Anu also comes there and secretly notices everything and she becomes happy seeing Adhya enjoying herself with them.

After that, Adhya says that she wants to go back to the U.S. as Shruti is waiting for her and Anuj over there as she wants to remove the distance between him and Shruti which has come due to Anu.

She looks at Anu and says that no matter what only Shruti is her mother forever which hurts Anu and she goes from there while Adhya says that she will never let Anuj do what he wants to do.

Kavya becomes angry and says that she wants to slap Adhaya as she is so arrogant and taking the decision of her father's life which is very wrong whereas Anuj goes to see Anu but she asks him to go from there and she starts crying.

On the other hand, Vanraj goes to meet the builder and he comes home and directly discusses about it with Anu while Hashmuk overhears their conversation after which Anu says that she won't sign on the papers and she goes to see Adhya.

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