Anupama 7th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 7th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Shah family ladies dancing and enjoying along with Anu which makes her feel happy.

Meanwhile, Titu comes near Dimpy and is about to tell the truth to her but Vanraj comes there so that he cannot say anything which makes Titu feel sad.

Then, Anu also comes there to see what is happening there and she tries to lighten things after which Titu and Dimpy feel good.

Anu meets Vanraj in alone and scolds him for doing bad things and says that she didn't do anything inside because she didn't want to hurt Dimpy and asks him why he ruined Dimpy's mehendi.

Vanraj does not say anything while Anu asks him if he is having any problem with Titu then he should ask about it directly instead of ruining things.

Devika calls Anu after which she goes from there while Vanraj wonders why she is saying this and wonders if she has learned his truth and he becomes anxious.

Vanraj murmurs that he cannot let anyone know his truth while Devika asks Anu to dance after which everyone forces her to dance then she agrees to dance along with Titu.

After that, Anu and Titu begin the dance and everyone enjoys their dance while Anu also enjoys dancing along with Titu after that Titu brings Dimpy to dance along with him.

Just then, Anuj comes there and saves Anu from falling and she gets lost in him while everyone stares at them which makes Anuj feel weird, so he leaves Anu.

Still both of them get stuck in flowers after which Vanraj makes fun of both of them by singing a song to pull Anuj's leg while Baapu ji asks Anuj to come inside along with Adhya.

Anuj greets everyone after which he asks Adhya to take blessings of everyone while Anu wishes to god for Adhya to enjoy the wedding and when she returns, she should have lots of love in her heart.

Kids mention Aadhya as fui while Pari tells everyone that Adhya saved her from the goons which wins everyone's heart kids say fui to her which makes her feel good while Anu also feels good for Adhya.

Devika gets angry with Anuj for not contacting her in five years and she tells him that she misses him a lot after which he hugs her and asks for an apology.

After that, Vanraj greets Adhya and meets Anuj and tries to make him feel bad but Anuj ignores him while Devika asks Anu why Adhya is behaving so weirdly then she meets Adhya and tries to know why is she behaving so weirdly.

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