Anupama 7th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama 7th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama 7th May 2022 Written Update: Anupamaa written update

Today's Anupama 7th May 2022 episode starts with GK trying to hide Hasmukh’s medical reports and keeping them in between some boxes in the cupboard.

Malvika and Devika come and take out those boxes from the cupboard among which the report also comes out and falls inside a bag.

The family members gather in the living room with the whole venue decorated in pastels.

Hasmukh confirms from GK if he has successfully hidden the reports while the report lies behind him, inside the bag.

Vanraj comes down and looks for Anuj to talk to but does not get a chance as both Anuj and Anupama get dragged inside as soon as they enter.

As Anupama gets to know about Kinjal not being able to join the function, she gets a bit upset but Anuj cheers her up.

Starting the function, Hasmukh and GK tell Anuj and Anupama how the children have prepared natural Mehendi on their own.

Meanwhile, Leela gawks over the gifts making the bag in which the reports were, fall on the floor.

Rakhi taunts Leela for being a hypocrite which makes Leela leave.

Anupama thanks Kavya for participating in her marriage wholeheartedly while Leela starts to taunt them for being friends from sworn enemies.

Back at the function, Anuj thanks the children for working so hard to prepare the Mehendi.

GK gifts Anupama the traditional bangles of Anuj’s mother making her overflow with emotions.

Anuj makes Anupama wear the bangles while everyone swoons over the cuteness of the couple.

Just then, Mika Singh makes his entry into the function to surprise his friend, Anuj.

Anuj introduces Mika as his friend to everyone and Anupama as his to-be wife getting congratulations from Mika.

Vanraj looks for an opportunity to talk to Anuj about his problems and gets agitated on seeing their happiness.

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