Anupama 7th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 7th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with 

The judges delaying the judgement for later which irritates Leela as she cannot wait to know if Anupama’s dish came out good or not vehicle Hasmukh calms her down.

Later, the second round starts and Anupama tries to recall the ingredients for that recipe while Anuj, Aadya, and Shruti watch the show when Anuj goes to take their medicine.

Meanwhile, on the set, one of the contestants gets hurt and decides to leave while Aadya thinks to herself that she is sorry to have torn her diary but she has no other option. 

Anuj goes to bring medicine from Aadya’s room where he finds a torn piece of paper from Anupama’s diary and later discovers the diary shredded into pieces.

Later, he takes medicines for both of them while the second round ends in which Anupama cooks one of Leela’s favourites and the judges again leave the judgement for the end.

The last round ends and Anupama explains her dish to them and they leave after tasting it.

Meanwhile, Leela gets frustrated that the judges are throwing tantrums and Kavya says that the audience wants it.

On the other hand, Shruti says that Anupama is making authentic Gujarati dishes which might not work while Anuj gets defensive, saying Indians like international cuisine and foreigners too will like Indian cuisine.

Aadya says that she doesn’t feel Anupama worked hard and lost the diary too which makes Anuj say that she can lose the diary, not the talent.

Meanwhile, the judges announce Anupama as the winner which surprises everyone and they all clap and get excited while Aadya is taken aback.

Anupama cannot believe it and recalls her journey and feels grateful thinking about what has hindered her path to date and all the backlash she has faced.

She enjoys the moment to the fullest while the Shah family too dances together to celebrate and the judges honour her with a chef’s coat and prize cheque.

Concurrently, Aadya gets upset to see Anuj getting happy with Anupama’s victory while everyone is proud of her.

The judges hand her the trophy and she is asked to speak something on camera but she is speechless and the judges insist she say something since these moments will never come back.

When Anupama begins to speak, she speaks in Hindi and says that India has a lot more superstar chefs. 

She adds that Indian girls are told to learn to cook since they are told that they will have to cook once they get married.

On the flip side, everyone is proud of Aupama while the Shah family listens to her speech with a big smile on their face and their chest swelled with pride.

Meanwhile, Anupama adds that she is one of the common Indian women who gathered the courage to take the step and who got this big opportunity.

She adds that if the women of India get this chance, they will win for sure and says that if she had won in a competition in India then only the Indians would have seen her but today the entire world is seeing her.

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