Anupama 8th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 8th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 8th April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 8th April 2023 episode starts with Anupama walking on the road with Bhavesh and Kanta coming after her to see where she is heading to.

Anupama gets reminded of Anu and Anuj by watching people and things on the way but does not let it constrain her in grief.

Meanwhile, Vanraj hears Pakhi asking Kinjal what Vanraj is thinking to say things like that and replies that he does not feel like explaining himself to his kids anymore.

Vanraj says he wants his whole focus on his career, ambitions, and Anupama with whom he will be there as a friend.

Vanraj announces that Anupama’s name will always have Vanraj Shah beside it as a loyal friend who will stand beside her even if she shows that she does not need him.

On the other hand, Anuj decides to call Ankush while Ankush is sorting out some files along with Barkha.

Ankush asks Anuj where he is and if he is all right to which Anuj replies that he is fine now and is thinking to return to work.

Hearing that, Barkha loses her calmness and takes over the phone asking Anuj to take a break and relax for once as Ankush and Adhik are managing things very well in his absence.

Anuj hesitates about that matter while Barkha tries her best to convince Anuj that he needs some for himself with the ongoing stress in his life.

After hanging up the call, Barkha lashes out at Ankush and asks him why he is trying to bring back Anuj when they are trying to work so hard for the company.

Ankush tells Barkha that the whole property and company belong to Anuj and he will return sooner or later.

Barkha tells Ankush and Adhik that it is better for them if Anuj and Anupama remain where they belong so that they can prove their potential by running this company.

Meanwhile, Anupama reaches the dance academy making Kanta and Bhavesh relieved and they decide to return home.

Entering the academy, Anupama stares at her picture on the wall and says that this academy will help her to get on her feet this time.

Anupama notices dust and cleans the entire academy by herself when some stickers remind her of Anu and she calls Maaya to talk to Anu.

As Maaya picks up the phone, Anupama asks her to let her talk to Anu for a minute, but Maaya declines her offer as she is outside currently.

Anupama asks Maaya about Anuj’s condition to which Maaya replies that Anuj is perfectly fine and hangs up.

Later, Pakhi calls Adhik and tells him to come to meet Anupama if he has time but Adhik rejects Pakhi as he is busy with work.

Barkha discovers that Anupama has gone to the dance academy and decides to play her cards.

Barkha tells Dimple that she is very worried about Anuj and Anupama and tries to extract news from her about what is going on.

Dimple talks about how Vanraj is trying to take advantage of the situation which makes Barkha very curious.

Barkha puts the idea into Dimple’s head that Anupama is trying to take away the dance academy from her for which Dimple has worked very hard. 

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