Anupama 8th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 8th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama saying thanks to Anuj for wishing her all the best when Anuj says that if she doesn’t want to cater to his wedding functions then she can say and he will handle Shruti.

This makes her say that if she wanted, she would have said and left while Anuj sees her go.

In the meantime, Anupama reaches the stop where there are other contestants too.

The judges welcome them as they introduce themselves while struggling to understand it but anyhow, does.

The judges see her injured hand and ask her what is up when she tells them that she had a small accident the judges tell her that she will not be able to cook as one of the judges says that she can’t participate in this condition, she must leave.

She begs them for one chance and if they do not like it then they must eliminate her.

The judge stays adamant on his decision and asks her to leave right away as Anupama starts moving and recalls how she got this opportunity and Toshu’s and Vanraj’s insults when a judge stops her from behind.

On the other hand, Kavya says that she is very proud of Dimpy for telling Vanraj that she wants to marry Titu and appreciates her for taking such a big step.

She further adds that if Vanraj stays adamant about taking Ansh then she must reach out to court when Vanraj comes there saying this is not a family but a matchbox.

Kavya says that if she steals a kid from his mother then she will have to seek help as Vanraj shouts at them but Dimpy asks her to lower his voice.

Concurrently, the lady judge says to Anupama that she wants to give a chance to her while they discuss how passionate she is about cooking and that despite the injury, she wants a chance.

They conclude that they will give a chance to her as she sae says thanks to them and comes back to the show.

Meanwhile, Dimpy requests Vanraj to consider her as his daughter and let her be happy.

Later, Vanraj ponders over Dimpy’s words and sits on a bench where Anuj is also sitting.

He asks him why is he sitting there and adds if he is thinking about Anupama that how will she cook with one hand Anuj says that he must be thinking about how to get control over Kavya and Dimpy while Vanraj says that he thought he was a man of morals but it seems otherwise.

Vanraj leaves as Shruti calls him asking him to go to the restaurant to taste the sample dishes while Shruti thinks that once she gets married, she will not be afraid to lose him.

Meanwhile, the competition begins as Anupama recalls what she has been through, extracting motivation from it, and begins to cook as she struggles with chopping vegetables while the judges take a round at all the counters ending on her when one of the judges angrily asks her what she is doing. 

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