Anupama 8th December 2022 Written Update

Anupama 8th December 2022 Written Update

Anupama 8th December 2022 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 8th December 2022 episode starts with the police parading Vijayendra Mehta and his son, Mananth, out of their house.

Anupama walks with Dimple side by side and feels proud of the justice that is being served.

All the women supporting Anupama and Dimple's case feel proud as well.

An old lady in the crowd approaches Anupama and says the women folk have finally raised their voices.

She says when this happened to her, she shouldn't have kept quiet as women hear & understand what the other woman wants to say.

The old lady's granddaughter tells Anupama that she wants to be like all of them.

Anupama asks the little girl to follow her heart and talk to everyone she comes across #BaatKaro.

Mananth & Vijyaendra go to jail while Dimple firmly holds onto Anupama's shoulders.

The next morning, Ankush & Dimple scold Anuj who is trying to make a gingerbread man cake for little Anu.

Meanwhile, little Anu & Anupama pray to Sun to make everyone's lives happy.

When Little Anu sees what her father has done, she scolds Anuj as well while Ankush leaves, telling Anuj he should clean up the mess he created.

Anupama laughs and after telling Dimple to get ready, she helps Anuj.

Anuj looks at her softly and is about to kiss Anupama when little Anu appears and comes to hop in Anuj's arms.

At Shah House, Hasmukh reveals he wants to eat cream rolls since he is so happy that everywhere he goes, people recognize him as Samar's Dada, Anupama's Father-in-Law, etc.

Just then, Pakhi comes & asks Kavya to give her a coffee.

Leela looks at Pakhi sideways while Kavya asks Pakhi to make the coffee herself.

Samar tells Pakhi that nobody's her servant in this house and Kavya further adds that she should ask Adhik for coffee, not order everyone else around.

Kinjal agrees while Pakhi gets furious and says she cannot believe everyone is lecturing her early in the morning.

Kavya savagely asks Pakhi to go to her house but Vanraj's princess states it is her father's house.

At Kapadia Mansion, Anuj & Anupama hear Ankush talking to a broker who couldn't finalize the flat they booked.

Anuj & Anupama tell Ankush & Barkha they can stay longer while Ankush feels bad for hurting them again & again.

Anupama then drops Dimple at her dance academy where she meets Samar and addresses him as the boss.

Both of them start the work laughing while Leela feels angry at seeing them together.

When Anupama arrives at Shah House to meet Pari, Leela confronts Anupama, saying that she doesn't want Dimple around Samar.

Leela drives this point home by stating that Anupama should have given her a job in Anuj's office, not with Samar.

However, Pakhi comes and taunts Anupama about how is Dimple doing.

Just then, Adhik also arrives & receives Anupama's blessings for his new meeting.

Leela hurries after Adhik as the son-in-law shouldn't go without eating while Pakhi glares at Anupama.

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