Anupama 8th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 8th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu going out of Adhya's room whereas Kavya asks Vanraj what is he thinking to do but Vanraj does not say anything.

Kavya says that she has been with him for fourteen years so she knows him very well and what is going on in his mind while Vanraj says that he is doing things for the welfare of his family.

Vanraj says that he does things for his family but why does everyone consider him a villain he goes from there while Kavya murmurs that she is feeling anxious.

Meanwhile, Leela cries and Hashmuk asks her to not cry in front of kids otherwise they will get to know while Anu comes there and she stands outside the door and Hashmuk notices someone outside the door.

Hashmuk asks her to stop crying as someone is standing at the door while Anu is about to come inside then Hashmuk lies and scolds Leela for watching emotional serials and crying.

Leela says that she was missing her old serials that's why she was watching it after that Anu wonders if there is some other reason while Pakhi tells her friends that soon she will be living in her panthouse and Kavya overhears it.

Kavya goes to ask about it from Vanraj whereas Anuj receives a call from Sruti and she tells him that Adya called her so Anuj tells her that she is a bit unwell.

Kinjal brings green tea for Anuj after which he says that he is not a guest so she should not take so much stress for him and Adhya then Kinjal says that she was making green tea for herself so she thought of making it for him too.

Kavya argues with Vanraj because he didn't tell her that he has taken money in advance from the builder and says that if he will give a share to his children then she wants her share for herself too so that she can secure a future for Mahi.

Meanwhile, Dimpy goes to call Leela but she finds that no one is there so she calls Anu and everyone comes over there and Anu gets to know that Leela and Hashmuk have left the house.

Anu becomes angry over Vanraj and blames him and Pakhi for it whereas Pakhi still shows arrogance toward Anu while Anuj calls Hashmuk but he does not pick up the call.

Then, Anu calls Leela and she picks up the call after which everyone requests them to come back home and Anu starts crying.

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