Anupama 8th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 8th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Kavya asking Dimpy if she can apply sugar coating on her mehendi as it will darken the color of her mehendi.

After that, Titu also comes there and asks Kavya to do all the things to make Dimpy's mehendi the best one then Kavya pulls his legs and goes with Dimpy from there for some ritual whereas Titu regrets not telling his truth to Dimpy.

Vanraj comes there and notices Titu in anger and taunts him regarding his past but does not give him a hint that he going to do something against him.

Meanwhile, Anuj meets Anu and asks for an apology on Adhya's behalf and says that whenever she says something to her it makes him feel bad and pinches him a lot.

Anu says that whenever she sees Vanraj and talks to him then the same feeling comes to her heart too after that Anuj starts laughing while Anu goes to the kitchen and she notices that the lizard is there on the wall.

She becomes worried and anxious and tries to remove it and thinks that if it falls in the food then it may harm anyone and she decides to inform Baapu Ji so that he can arrange for pest control.

Kinjal asks Toshu if he didn't pack his luggage properly then he asks her what happened and she tells him that he has forgotten to pack his manners and says that he is doing very wrong by arguing with Anuj.

Toshu becomes offended and asks Kinjal to stay away from his things which makes her angry both of them fight and she comes out while Toshu starts laughing.

Anu is feeling anxious after which Kinjal asks her what happened she does not tell her anything but her actions are weird then Kinjal asks her if she is feeling awkward because of Anuj then Anu denies it and says that she is fine.

On the other hand, Shruti receives photos of the function from Adhya and she thinks of calling her but she does not call her thinking that Adhya would be busy with work at the same time she feels insecure about Anupama.

Later, Anu notices Pakhi sitting alone after that she asks her to enjoy herself with others but Pakhi ignores her and goes from there Ansh writes Anuj's name on Anu's hand and Adhya notices it and gets angry.

After that, she washes it while Vanraj laughs and makes fun of Anu she ignores him and notices Adhya doing a video call with Shruti but she forgets that her hand is about to get burnt with a warm bulb then Anu saves her from it while Shruti notices Anuj's name on Anupama's hand.

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