Anupama 8th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 8th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 8th October 2023 episode starts with Vanraj telling Anuj that he is the actual killer of Samar which stuns Anupama.

Anuj says that he never did anything intentionally and would have protected Samar with his own life if he had known something horrifying would happen.

Vanraj says that it was Anuj's idea to go to the bar which is why these things took place making Anuj drown in guilt after which Anuj lies at Samar's feet and tells him that he is sorry for everything.

Dimple and Toshu ask what would change with a simple sorry while Vanraj asks Anuj to get away from his son's body.

Anuj stares at Anupama, asking her if she at least believes in him and his will that he would never let Samar get hurt in any way but Anupama does not react in any manner and looks away.

Anupama cries inside a room when Anuj sits outside and asks Anupama to talk to him as they need to clear this situation before settling their feelings.

Anuj says that he cannot bear to see Anupama silent in such a manner as it hurts him but Anupama does not reply a word and continues to sob silently.

With no one to understand him, Anuj comes in front of God, asking him what he should do if he has a complaint against God themselves.

Anuj says what happened was very unfair and how he is supposed to live after knowing that the bullet that was fired had his name on it instead of Samar's.

Kneeling in front of the temple, Anuj says that he does not need such a long life if it is at the expense of Samar's life which had many happy things in it.

Hasmukh comes, asking Anuj to stand up as they all know that fate remains unchanged and whoever has to leave will leave in that time only which is why they should stop thinking about all these things.

Anuj says that his idea of going to the club ended up ruining everything to which Hasmukh tells him that they cannot reach to a conclusion by shallow ideas like that and there is no end to such a chain of guilt.

Hugging Hasmukh, Anuj cries his heart out leading Hasmukh to say that he will handle Vanraj but Anuj needs to look after Anupama as she is devastated by her loss.

Meanwhile, Dimple sits in the dark room and stares into nowhere when Samar appears and tells her that she needs to continue living for the sake of him, herself, and their baby.

Dimple tells Samar that she cannot do such a huge thing by herself and needs him by her side to which Samar replies that he has already left which is why Dimple needs to move on her own.

Anupama covers her mouth with her saree while crying so that no sound escapes as she is emotionally broken.

Pakhi also sees Samar who teases her but Pakhi says that she is missing him very much and asks him to come back.

Samar tells Pakhi that she needs to be strong and move on from this incident to live her life which is still a long way to go.

Vanraj spots Anupama standing in front of Samar's photo surrounded by flowers after which they sit in front of that and stare at their son's picture together.

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