Anupama 9th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 9th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama explaining her dist to the judges that she is cooking a Gujarati dish and adds that she is making it with very little oil and using green vegetables to make it even healthier.

It is happy with her results so far like the judges ask the contestants to be quick as they do not have much time left.

Meanwhile, the kids are playing at home when Hasmukh says that he worries about how Anupama will manage everything in such a short time while Pari assures her that she is a superwoman.

Just then, Vanjraj comes and asks Ansh why is he playing with a kitchen set Leela says that boys do not play with these toys but Hasmukh says the opposite and adds that cooking is a skill and is gender-neutral.

The kids get happy saying they want to be like Anupama.

Back at the set of the show, the time is up to cook and the contestants present their dishes one by one to the judges, and then comes Anupama’s turn as she presents her dish.

She explains her dish and the judges taste it and compliments it as she gets selected for the next round.

They appreciate her for being so determined that her injury did not stop her. She gets the Chef’s Cap that will work as an advantage in the next round and everyone claps for her.

The judges leave when she tastes her dish and are proud of her for making such a tasty dish while she takes a picture and the other contestants join her.

On the other hand, Shruti and Anuj are at the restaurant for dish tasting for their function and Shruti says that she would love to add Undiyo to the menu while Yashdeep waits for Anupama to return.

She returns and tells everyone about her achievements and sees them.

She apologizes for interrupting their work but Shruti says that it is okay since it looks like she has achieved something big when Anuj says that it is a very big achievement and congratulates her.

Shruti asks her to cook Undiyo too when she tells them she cooked Undiyo today too while Yashdeep finds it hard to tell the staff that the restaurant is going to get locked tomorrow.

At the same time, the Shah family enjoys ice cream when Vanraj says that they will be returning to India but the kids do not want to go back.

In the meantime, Anuj seems worried to Shruti when she asks him if he is searching for anything, he says no and asks her to sleep as she has a long day tomorrow.

Back at the restaurant, Yashdeep calls Anupama and tells her to go home as it is very late when Anupama says that she will go once she double-checks tomorrow’s arrangements.

Yashdeep asks her if she feels bad seeing Anuj and Shruti together, to which she says that she can bear every pain but not Aadya’s hate for her.

Yashdeep asks her not to worry about it since he has faith that soon Aadya will come close to her and all the distance will be gone.

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