Anupama 9th February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 9th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 9th February 2024 episode starts with Adhya and Anuj preparing for Shruti's birthday secretly and Adhya coming out to talk to Shruti while she is leaving for work.

Adhya says that she wants Shruti to talk to her parents and fix the wedding date soon as she cannot wait to have Shruti as her mother and Anuj's wife.

Shruti replies that Anuj needs a bit of time but Adhya says that she will convince Anuj for the wedding once the date comes out, asking Shruti to give that news as a return gift for her birthday.

Adhya's demands leave Shruti a bit shocked but she thinks it over and decides to give something as a return gift which makes Adhya feel relieved.

Meanwhile, one of the neighbours talks to Leela and Hasmukh and shows them the picture of a man who is rich and eligible but has departed from his ex-wife with a three-year-old girl who needs a mother.

The neighbour suggests the Shahs marry Dimpy off with someone before she runs away with some man and degrades the family's name when Vanraj comes there.

Vanraj says that Dimpy is his daughter and others do not need to worry about her future after which the neighbour leaves with a sour mood.

Elsewhere, Kinjal returns home and is shocked to spot two goon-like men sitting on the sofa after which she asks Pari to come to her, dragging Toshu into the room to have a talk.

Kinjal asks Toshu what made him bring those men to their house, to which Toshu says that he wants to start a new business with them.

Toshu says that he cannot do a job like Kinjal and wants to do something big, while Kinjal tries to stop Toshu from leaving the house and going with them but Toshu decides to leave at the end.

At the same time, Vanraj proposes that he will bring a husband who will stay with them in that house but Kavya says that Titu and Dimpy love each other and there is no one better than him to take care of Dimpy.

Anuj gets handed a card where he needs to write some poetic lines but Anupama's call leaves him shocked and excited after which he picks that up instantly.

Anupama says that she wants to talk to him and whether they can meet each other the next day to which Anuj agrees despite knowing that Shruti's birthday is there.

Seeing Anupama has forgotten to hang up, Anuj continues to hear the voices from the other side silently and remembers the good memories of the past.

Adhya tries to check Anuj's mobile when he walks away but feels suspicious seeing that Anuj has changed his password.

Meanwhile, Anupama gets ready and tells Biji and Yashdeep that she has to leave their house while thanking them for all the love and hospitality toward her.

Anupama decides to live on her own and moves into her new living space with the photo of her children and memories of the past.

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