Anupama 9th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 9th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 9th January 2024 episode starts with Anuj telling Anupama that he cannot manage to live by himself all this time without her being by his side.

Anupama cries as Anuj admits his mistake in asking her to prioritize their relationship, realizing it led to her decision to leave.

Anuj says that he wanted to fight and argue while Anupama was leaving but could not bring himself to do it as he respects whatever Anupama decides every time which is his weakness.

Anupama says that it has not been easy for her too while Anuj proceeds to hug her but Anupama vanishes into thin air, bringing Anuj back to reality from his imagination.

Anuj looks around with a restless face while Anupama passes by with her luggage, making Anuj feel that Anupama is somewhere around that area.

Meanwhile, Vanraj tells Leela that he has cracked a deal with an international client at the party where he and Kavya went the last night to which Leela and Dimpy proceed to make halwa.

Vanraj thanks Kavya for being there with him as her presence has helped him a lot while Kavya says that he should tell all his clients that he does not tend to take his wife to his business places.

As Kavya talks about how Vanraj did not take Anupama in the past, Vanraj replies strongly that Anupama does not deserve to be taken anywhere outside the house.

Kavya reminds Vanraj that the woman he locked inside the house to take care of his family and children has now gone to America on her own to do something impressive.

Vanraj says that anyone can go to America if they work for it while Kavya asks him to do the same, leaving Vanraj silent.

Kavya tells Vanraj that her only defect is that she does not have the passion and strength as Anupama and has failed to work for herself the way Anupama has done her whole life.

At the same time, Aadhya continues to get nightmares of Anupama and tells Anuj that she wants to leave New York while Shruti brings a drink made by Miss Joshi for Aadhya.

Aadhya throws the glass away and tells Shruti to never mention Miss Joshi in front of her which leaves Shruti upset as she thinks that she has failed to understand Aadhya as her mother.

On the other hand, Ishani tells Dimpy that she hates Pakhi as she does not love her which Pakhi overhears and blames Dimpy for brainwashing her daughter.

Pakhi tells Ishani not to roam around Dimpy anymore after which Ishani gets dragged away by Pakhi with Dimpy left alone, crying by herself.

Anupama comes back in front of the restaurant with the hope of being reinstated in her job, Vikram tries to talk to Yashpal when Yashpal's mother bumps into Anupama outside.

Yashpal's mother scolds him for firing Anupama from the job as he should not forget his Indian roots after living in America and how it is difficult for a woman to live on the streets.

As Yashpal's mother says that she will not go back home until he keeps Anupama back on the job, Yashpal agrees at the end with Anupama crying in joy as she needs the job to survive.

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