Anupama 9th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 9th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Hashmuk lying to Anu that his senior citizen club people asked them to come for Yath Yatra so they came without informing anyone because they don't want to disturb anyone.

Anu does not believe in him and scolds him for lying and she asks him to come back as soon as possible but Hashmuk says that he is not lying and he laughs so that Anu cannot come there.

He says that he cannot come as he has made the determination to go on yatra and he cuts the call while Kinjal asks Anu to not overthink as Hashmuk might be going for yatra only but Anu does not believe.

Vanraj says that his parents cannot leave him as he knows about them whereas Hashmuk tells Leela that he can't tell the truth to them Leela says that they don't have any option and she wonders where will they roam.

Hashmuk says that he cannot see his house demolished in front of his eyes and wishes that Vanraj would have done this after their death then it would have more better.

Meanwhile, Vanraj asks Anu to sign on NOC but she refuses and says that she will sign on it after bringing Hashmuk and Leela back to the house and she goes to find them.

Toshu and Pakhi create drama and say that Anu does not love her as she only cares for Adhya which provokes Anuj's anger and he scolds both of them and says that a mother's intuition can never be wrong.

Anuj says that he will also go to find them but Kavya stops him and says that he should stay with Adhya as she needs him whereas Kinjal argues with Toshu over Anu.

Vanraj asks them to not fight and murmurs that if this deal got cancelled today then he will not leave Anu and he receives a call from the builder and asks them when will he give the NOC then Vanraj lies to him and says that he will get it signed today by anyhow.

After that, Pakhi and Toshu come into his room and ask him to do something for Anu as she is creating a lot of hurdles in their life and they say that they also have a share in the house.

Anu meets Hashmuk's friend and she gets to know that Treeth Yatra is scheduled for next month which makes Anu anxious and she finds their umbrella and starts searching for them.

After that, Anuj and Vanraj go to Vridha ashram when Anu calls them and they find Leela and Hashmuk over there.

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