Anupama 9th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 9th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Pakhi being sad after which Toshu asks her what happened to her after that she tells him that no one is worried for her future as everyone is thinking about Dimpy.

She says that when Dimpy was in Kapadia's mansion then also she was everyone's favorite but no one looks at her pain and she told him that Adhik had reached out to court to file a case against her to take back Ishaani's custody.

Pakhi says that she wants to die after which Toshu asks her to not think about such things after that Pakhi praises him for putting cockroaches in the dish after which Toshu tells her that he didn't put it.

Meanwhile, Pakhi does not believe in it and asks him to relax and assures him that she will not tell to anyone and she goes from there while Toshu asks why no one believes in him.

On the other hand, everyone enjoys the dish prepared by Anu while Kinjal asks Anuj to stay with them today but Leela says that Aadhya and Anuj won't be comfortable living with them.

Vanraj asks Anuj when will he marry Shruti then Anuj tells him that after returning to the U.S.A. he will discuss it with Shruti while Anu asks for permission to go back to the house and Anuj also asks them for permission so that he can also go back.

After that, he searches for Adhya then Kinjal tells him that she is playing with the kids while Aadhya plays hide and seek with the kids, and for taking revenge on Ansh she locks him inside the room.

Then, she comes out running and she asks Anuj to return home and Anu returns home along with Titu while Leela asks Titu if no one will come along with him on other functions from his family.

Titu says that he does not have any family and Devika asks Anu to come along with Titu while Vanraj taunts her but Leela scolds him for misbehaving with Anu.

Pari gets stuck inside the room and asks for help while Anu before returning asks Kinjal to look after Dimpy and not allow her to do any work inside the kitchen.

Baapu ji says that tomorrow men of the family will cook the food for them after that Devika asks Toshu to cook khichdi for her and Anu after which Toshu taunts her.

Later, Anu finds Pari inside the store room and Pari tells her that Adhya locked her inside the room for playing which surprises Anu.

Kinjal and other family members come there to see Pari while Mahi says that someone locked the store room from outside after that Vanraj thanks Anu for saving Pari.

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