Anupama 9th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 9th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Leela, Kinjal, and Vanraj having a conversation about how big the event is Leela says that it's very cold here while Kinjal gives her pocket warmers.

She asks them for coffee while Vanraj and Leela say sorry for being ignorant about the struggles she has dealt with.

Meanwhile, Anuj and Toshu check if the management is done right while Anupama and her teammates pray on this big day.

Just then, Beeji comes and makes the first order as Anupama takes her blessings while she points out the tension on Anupama's face.

Leela also comes and insists on her order being the first but Beeji is adamant about it too.

Anupama takes their order together as they get into a little banter while Toshu leads the management but gets interrupted by the text asking him to return the money.

On the other hand, Anuj gets frustrated to see the models not performing well and scolds everyone.

As he sits on the chair, he comes across Leela and greets her asking how she is while Leela talks to him about his marriage and wishes him all the best.

Anuj leaves as Anupama gets Leela seated.

In India, Dimpy sits worried waiting for Titu's call as she calls him herself and asks how Adhik is while she finds out that he is here and sees him talking on the phone.

Titu talks to her about how Pakhi is trying to frame Adhik and says that lucky are those who get love in their life.

On the other hand, Anuj tries to connect to Aadya but fails as the guests arrive and the fashion show begins while Toshu keeps on getting calls from the man asking him to return the money.

Anuj inaugurates the show and it begins as the models walk on the ramp one by one.

Later, Anuj gets to know that Mr. Zaveri hasn't arrived yet and yells at Toshu for being so careless while he asks him to give him solutions rather than telling him the problem and Toshu notes it and leaves.

Anuj turns and finds Vanraj there while Anupama manages everything at her stall.

Right then, the men enter searching for Toshu but she does not see them.

Elsewhere, Anuj talks to Vanraj as they have sourness between them while Anuj calls him mannerless.

Vanraj says that he knows Anuj has given Toshu a job to treat him like a servant but Anuj says that he did this because Toshu needed a job.

Vanraj refuses to believe and says that he knows Anuj still loves Anupama while Anuj asks him to stay away from his matter.

The fashion show goes on as Kinjal, Leela, and Beeji enjoy it.

Vanraj taunts him saying that he couldn't be in this marriage even for thirty-six months and he was with her for thirty-six years.

They talk sarcastically to each other and Vanraj leaves.

Toshu sends off the jewelry as he spots those men and ignores them.

Elsewhere, Beeji and Leela ask Anupama to give them something to eat as she gives them Dhokla.

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