Anupama 9th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 9th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 9th October 2023 episode starts with Anupama and Vanraj sitting blankly in front of Samar's picture and starting their conversation about Samar.

Anupama says that everyone thought that it would be a girl the second time but Samar came instead who looked fair and fragile to even touch.

Vanraj agrees with Anupama and says that Samar was always with Anupama from the beginning which makes Anupama break into tears with Vanraj weeping silently.

Anuj spots them from a distance and hesitates to go near as there are complicated matters going on that can cause a scene.

People come to mourn at the Shah residence and some women talk about how Dimple's fate is truly broken as her first husband left her and now her second husband died even before their child could be born.

Anupama hears the conversation and asks those women not to get bothered for them as Dimple is not alone and has her whole family standing beside her.

She makes it clear that only the father's hand has left the child's life but others are still there to take care of them so no one needs to worry.

Anuj gets worried about Anupama as he watches her break into tears, saying that Samar has not gone anywhere and is present with them after which he tries to come to her.

However, Vanraj pulls away Anuj from going to Anupama, asking him to stay away from his family after which Vanraj forces Anuj to leave the house.

Everyone is stunned to see Vanraj pushing away Anuj toward the exit door while Anuj tries to say that he did not kill Samar and is not responsible for everything that happened.

Vanraj tries to push Anuj out of the door when Samar's photo falls down the platform to the floor and Anupama asks Vanraj to stop.

Anupama picks up Samar's picture and comes to Anuj when he says that no one knows him better compared to Anupama and he is sure that she will understand him.

Anuj says that he tolerated everything but could not control his anger when he saw those boys trying to harass that girl which is why he fought with them.

Anupama says that pain does not know the rules of the court and she is not interested in measuring whose and what faults led to this present situation as it is not going to bring Samar back to her.

However, Anupama tells Anuj to leave her alone with the pain of losing her son for some time and walk out of the house which leaves Anuj shocked and hurt.

Anuj says that he understands how painful it is for Anupama to which Anupama replies that Anuj does not know the pain as he is not the one who has lost his son.

As Anupama turns around and walks away, Anuj holds onto her saree and asks Anupama to take care of herself after which he leaves the house.

Anuj comes outside and sits in a corner, telling Samar how everyone is blaming him for everything even though he knows that he did not do anything intentionally.

After the people leave, Leela and Hasmukh take their medicines and motivate each other to take care of others as the family needs to withstand together.

Hasmukh comes to Anupama with food and feeds her despite her resistance as she needs to feed Dimple who is in shambles.

Leela feeds Vanraj, asking him to take care of Toshu, Pakhi, and Kinjal while Anupama comes into Dimple's room and spots Dimple lying on the bed with Samar's shirt.

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