Anupama Namaste America 27th April 2022 Written Update, Episode 3

Anupama Namaste America 27th April 2022 Written Update, Episode 3

Anupama Namaste America 27th April 2022 Written Update: Anupamaa Prequel written update

Today's Anupama Namaste America 27th April 2022 episode starts with Moti Baa sitting in the courtyard with paining knees.

Anupama comes with paste to rub on her calf and starts to massage it slightly.

As Anupama massages Moti Baa's legs, she starts to encourage and praise Anupama saying, “America”. 

Moti Baa’s First Step, To Break Cultural Norms

Moti Baa, profoundly informs Anupama, that she was the first one, from her village to have ever travelled to the city without the 'Ghungat'(veil).

Laughing at the women's simplicity of her time, Moti Baa tells Anupama that they would cover their faces, even when they went to the movie theatres, explaining that, they did not even trust the heroes on the screens, as they would see their faces.

Moti Baa praises her husband saying that he supported her a lot, and immediately Anupama asks to say 'like Toshu’s father is doing', referring to Vanraj.

Moti Baa disagrees with Anupama’s views saying that her time was very different from that of today.

She continues by saying that in those days, women were not even allowed, to use their names on 'Rashaan' cards and would only associate themselves with their husband’s name.

Moti Baa's Disagreement with Society Rules

Moti Baa shows her disappointment toward society’s rules and says that they were made in such a manner, to not allow women, to even utter her husband's name and resultingly she would not be able to ask for her share in the society. 

She continues saying that it has been years since her husband's died, but till now she calls him, 'Hasmukh Ke Bapuji' and has never pronounced his name. 

Later, Moti Baa encourages Anupama to address Vanraj as Mr. Shah.

Anupama tries saying the same but drops the idea saying that she will not be able to do it.

Moti Baa's Gyan Ke Moti

Moti Baa is happy, that Vanraj respects Anupama and she nods in agreement.

Moti Baa believes that life partners should, always respect each other and if one doesn’t then the other one starts to lose his or her self-worth.

She quotes the example, saying that Leela doesn’t respect Hasmukh, as he earns less and it hurts him a lot.

Anupama defends Leela, saying that she loves Hasmukh a lot. 

Comparing lentils with life, Moti Baa tell Anupama that just like for a lentil to taste good it needs both turmeric and Salt Similarly, having the right balance of love and respect for each other is necessary for a fulfilled life.

Pouring her heart out, Moti Baa says that is scared, for Vanraj and Anupama’s relationship. Like Leela, Vanraj also doesn’t respect his partner which might not affect her today but someday it will.

Moti Baa encourages Anupama to never let, her dreams die, it is good on her part that she works hard to fulfil the household duties but she must never stop, trying to accomplish her dreams.

Moti Baa shower’s all her blessings on Anupama saying, that she only wishes, for her success and wants everyone to see her, touch the sky.

In the meanwhile, Leela watches both of them and boils with anger as she could see Anupama go to America, to which she is in complete opposition.

Anupama is Excited

Anupama enters her room and finds that Vanraj is off to sleep.

She looks at the passport, kept on the table and realizes that it is hers.

Taking a quick glance at Vanraj in appreciation, her happiness reaches the seventh sky, she feels grateful for a husband like Vanraj, who is always supportive of his wife’s success.

With eyes filled with dreams and expectations, she goes to sleep. 

Vanraj who was pretending to be asleep opens his eyes and introspects at Anupama having a career and decides to not let Anupama, step out of her household chores.

The next morning, Anupama is extremely happy and goes to the market where she sings, dances and lets everyone dance. 

Anupama Records her Dance Video

She gets ready for the audition, and to her utter surprise, Vanraj praises her saying that she looks beautiful.

As she starts to dance, Moti Baa encourages her, by making the announcement for her performance, referring to Anupama as Ahmedabad’s superstar.

Leela being unhappy interrupts referring to her as a monkey.

Moti Baa handles the situation saying this monkey, will soon be going to America.

Vanraj wants her to start soon as he brought the camera at a rent of Rs. 150 for an hour.

Vanraj intentionally does not start the recording, but Dolly reminds him of the same.

Vanraj sarcastically asks Anupama to start again, as she is a star now and must get used to retakes.

As soon as Anupama starts to dance, Samar needs her to take him to the washroom however Moti Baa stops her and asks Leela to go instead. 

Ritika Messages Vanraj

In the middle of Anupama's performance, Vanraj’s attention shifts from the recording to the message sent by Ritika, saying that she would be waiting for him at her favourite restaurant at 1 pm. 

Vanraj hastily stops the recording, justifying by saying that they will not watch the entire clip.

Vanraj rushes to get ready, in the meanwhile, everyone encourages Anupama, that she will definitely get selected. 

Vanraj leaves, to secretly meet Ritika.

Leela asks Vanraj if he finds everything that is going on, to be correct.

Vanraj clarifies her doubts, saying that he just recorded the video, but will not send it forward.

Anupama asks Samar and Toshu what they want her, to bring for them from America.

Vanraj watches her and is determined, to shatter her dreams. He is adamant, about not letting Anupama fulfil her dream, but has no remorse, to start a new life with Ritika.  

As Vanraj leaves, Anupama remembers that she forgot to get the cassette blessed, but rather than calling him out, she wards off his evil eye, as she is afraid that some girl might jinx him.

Leela watches her and speaks to herself saying, Vanraj is already been jinxed by Anupama.

Expressing her dislike for Anupama, Leela says that if she would have been of their choice, she would have been beautiful, educated and from a wealthy family.

Meanwhile, Ritika waits, for Vanraj in the café and looks at the watch saying Vanraj would always reach 5 minutes early, to meet her, and will do the same.

However, to her disappointment, the situation is not similar this time.

Rather than entering the café, Vanraj observes Ritika from the window, being impatient for his arrival.

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