Anupama Namaste America 29th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 29th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 29th April 2022 Written Update: Anupamaa Prequel written update, Episode 5

Today's Anupama Namaste America 29th April 2022 episode starts with Vanraj heading back home after meeting Ritika. 


Vanraj reaches home where Anupama is eagerly waiting for him.

As she hears the horn of the bike, she rushes out to greet Vanraj but he tries to ignore her excitement.

Anupama goes near him, only to let him find out that she is wearing his perfume.

Vanraj gets furious and shouts at Anupama saying that she must not do it again.

Vanraj tries to bring out all his frustration on her.

Moti Baa enters the situation and says that the husband and wife should not fight, but rather clear the misunderstandings within the closed doors.

She even asks him to apologize to her, and so he does.

Moti Baa asks him about the results of the audition but he replies saying that they should not keep high hopes.

There are many who have given the audition after a lot of practice whereas Anupama has not even danced from several years.

At this heart-breaking moment, Anupama replies that it can be difficult, but not impossible.

She adds that his boss will definitely call him.


To everyone’s surprise, Vanraj immediately gets a call from his boss.

Vanraj gets intimidated as he is surrounded by everyone in the family and has not sent the audition tape yet.

Mr. Patel says that now there is no need for him to send the audition tape as his wife was so excited about Anupama’s audition that she sent the one, Anupama performed at the party and hangs up the call.

Everyone is eager to know about the result but Vanraj says his boss called for some other work.


Ritika is greeted by Anupama.

Vanraj sees her coming and gets alarmed and introduces Ritika to be his college friend.

Anupama calls everyone to meet Ritika. After the general introduction, Anupama asks, Toshu to touch Ritika’s feet.

Ritika denies it but Moti Baa insists and says that children must be taught good values, so she asks Toshu to touch phui’s feet (father’s sister).

Ritika asks about its meaning and immediately reverts back saying that she is not Toshu’s phui.

Moti Baa asks Vanraj why he never spoke about this friend of his.

Vanraj gets terrified by the question but Ritika tells everyone that she went to the USA after completing the college and came back recently.

Moti Baa is happy to hear that and says that they have become synonymous with America as someone is coming from there and someone is going.

Ritika curiously asks if Vanraj going to America.

To this Moti Baa replies, Vanraj’s wife Anupama is going there.


Ritika starts to awkwardly look at their house, Anupama notices it and informs her that, it is a rented house, as their house is getting renovated.

To stop Anupama from continuing, Vanraj asks her to make tea and starts to praise her by saying that she, is the solution to everything.

Ritika tries to trigger the situation, by saying that she smiles, even after being a housewife.

Vanraj takes advantage of the situation by replying, that Anupama is perfect in all the roles and is proud of her role as Housewife.


Meanwhile, Toshu spills water on Vanraj and he goes to change.

Leela follows him and inquiries about Ritika, saying that is she the same girl and he nods to it.

Leela continues and warns Vanraj. She asks him to be careful of his actions, as he is a father of two now.

Moti Baa asks Ritika about her personal life. She replies by saying that she has no children and does not live with her partner.


While the conversation is going on, Vanraj receives a call from Mr. Patel.

Dolly sees it and excitedly informs, about the same to everyone.

Vanraj tries to ignore the call, but everyone insists and pressurises him to pick up the call.

Vanraj picks up the call and Mr. Patel congratulates him informing him that Anupama has cleared the audition and will now be going to the USA.

Vanraj stands speechless and this news definitely made his blood run cold.

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