Anupama Written Update 13th July 2020: Anupama takes care of family

Anupama Written Update 13th July 2020: Anupama takes care of family

Anupama 13th July 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 13 Jul episode starts with Anupama putting water in Tulsi and talking to the sun. She continues with the work of the household and simultaneously talks to Bapuji.

Anupama gives milk and coffee to her kids and helps Pakhi with her skirt. Later, she helps her husband, Vanraj in exercising, and receives taunt from him.

She feels bad about the compliment but her son Samar cheers her up. Baa asks why she is smiling while Anupama asks her about her health.

Leela taunts her about sending money to her own house. Everyone taunts Anupama and her son, Samar for being dumb and is also not able to eat breakfast.

Anupama gets happy to see her friend, Devika. She asks Leela to take Anupama out of the house but Leela asks them to sit on the sofa and talk.

Devika taunts that Baa can’t do the work alone while Leela allows her to go out with Devika. Devika takes Anupama to their regular spot and surprises her with her other friends.

Anu shouts her family’s name and the voice echoes. Paakhi and Toshu return home and get surprised that Anupama is not home. Pakhi tries her phone but the battery dies.

Anupama makes Ghungroo using handkerchiefs for dancing while Vanraj gets mad that she is not home. Meanwhile, Anupama dances to the beats of the melodious song and enjoys herself.

Anupama returns home and finds Vanraj sitting on the door waiting for her. Vanraj shouts at her for not being at home while Anupama explains she had completed all the work before leaving.

Vanraj asks her to leave the house if she doesn’t care about his family and closes the door on her face.

The written update of 13 July 2020 Anupama episode full story ends.

Upcoming Anupama episode update: Bapuji tries to explain Vanraj his mistake. 

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