Anupama Written Update 14th August 2020: Nandini meets Shah family

Anupama Written Update 14th August 2020: Nandini meets Shah family

Anupama 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 14 Aug episode starts with Samar and Nandini arguing. Samar blocks the entrance and asks what she needs. Nandini jumps through the wall to enter the house.

In the house, Nandini saves Anupama from falling while everybody in the house gets scared. Nandini introduces herself as Kavya’s niece and asks for keys to the house nearby.

She also reveals that she is doing a Ph.D. in classical dancing. Samar reveals that Anupama is also a classical dancer and Nandini wishes to learn from her as well.

Anupama gets really impressed by Nandini’s cultural knowledge and asks Samar to show her Patel’s house. Meanwhile, Nandini also likes Anupama and finals the house opposite to Shah house.

Vanraj is pissed at Kavya and Anirudh’s closeness and imagines them together. He finds Nandini in the house opposite to his and wonders if he has made a mistake.

Nandini returns the keys to Anupama while Anupama invites her for the Janmashtami celebrations. Later, Vanraj is upset with Anupama for inviting Nandini.

He doesn’t want Anupama to make relations with Nandini as her parents are divorced. Anupama compares her parents with Kavya while Vanraj learns Kavya is not coming.

He asks Anupama to convince Kavya to come so that Nandini can also come along with her.

The written update of 14 August 2020 Anupama episode full story ends.

Upcoming Anupama episode update: Kinjal comes to the Shah house wearing simple clothes while Anupama offers to help her.

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