Anupama Written Update 19th October 2020: Kavya tells the truth

Anupama Written Update 19th October 2020: Kavya tells the truth

Anupama 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 19 Oct episode starts with Anupama’s mother getting happy to see Anupama happy. She feels Anupama is lucky while later Leela and Anupama’s mother hug each other.

Kavya gets upset to recall the memories when Vanraj praised Anupama. Meanwhile, Bapuji wishes to do the Kanyadan along with Leela. He praises Anupama for being a daughter for the family.

Anirudh tries to call Nandini but she is busy at the wedding. Elsewhere, Kavya is asked to take another cab by the cab driver as his petrol gets finished.

Both Bapuji and Baa ask Vanraj to keep Anupama happy. Baa also wants to be a mother for Anupama now. Nandini tells Paritosh about Kavya’s arrival while Rakhi overhears their conversation.

Paritosh is sure Kavya can’t do anything while Nandini knows Kavya will create a scene. The rituals of Anupama and Vanraj’s marriage proceed while Kavya approaches the Shah house on feet.

Kavya reaches Shah house while Vanraj stops during the rituals and gets scared to see her. He thinks he is imagining Kavya to be at the door of the house and continues with the rituals.

Kavya comes at the same time and Vanraj gets scared. She apologizes to Anupama for not attending her wedding as she was also getting married. Further, she hugs Anupama and Nandini, Sanjay and Paritosh get worried.

She says she was not able to get married as her boyfriend didn’t come. Anupama wants to know who is her boyfriend. Kavya tells her that she was going to get married to Vanraj.

The written update of 19 October 2020 Anupama episode full story ends.

Upcoming Anupama episode update: Anupama gets to know the reality of Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship.

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