Anupama Written Update 1st August 2020: Kinjal's family pays a visit

Anupama Written Update 1st August 2020: Kinjal's family pays a visit

Anupama 1st August 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 1 Aug episode starts with Anupama’s mother blaming herself for getting her married so early. Bhavesh thinks her husband and family have never supported her.

Vanraj says he has always supported Kavya and asks her to come home as Kinjal’s family is coming. Meanwhile, Toshi and Samar fight over Anupama while Vanraj asks them to behave.

Anupama continues to blame herself for not being able to handle her home and work properly. She calls Samar and learns Kinjal’s family is coming home.

Vanraj welcomes Kinjal’s family while Kinjal’s mother taunts them about their house and street. Kinjal compliments their home while Kinjal’s mother asks about Toshi’s mother.

Kavya comes at the same time and Kinjal’s mother thinks she is Toshi’s mother. She asks Kavya about her qualifications and gets impressed while Vanraj is unable to tell about her identity.

Anupama comes at the same time and Kinjal’s mother gets shocked. Anupama introduces herself as Toshi’s mother while Kinjal greets her. Kinjal’s mother is disappointed to see her.

Anupama compliments Kinjal in her language and Kinjal’s mother questions her language. Kinjal’s father asks for a Latte while Kavya offers to make it.

Anupama says she knows how to make it and leaves for the kitchen. She gets shocked to see ordered food while Kavya apologizes for ordering.

Later, Anupama serves the food and tries to talk to Kinjal. However, Baa interrupts and asks her to make tea. She makes the tea and again tries to talk to Kinjal but Vanraj demands coffee. Samar asks about the inspection while Anupama remembers she lost her job.

The written update of 1 August 2020 Anupama episode full story ends.

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