Anupama Written Update 21st October 2020: Anupama is left in shock

Anupama Written Update 21st October 2020: Anupama is left in shock

Anupama 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 21 Oct episode starts with Everybody getting upset with the untied wedding knot. Bapuji puts a positive light on the matter and says Anupama should be having her own identity now.

Everyone claps and welcomes the newly wedded couple while Anupama holds Vanraj’s hand. Kavya also holds Vanraj’s other hand but Vanraj makes her leave it.

Vanraj wishes to go into the room while Kavya goes before him. Baa asks Anupama to perform the rituals. Meanwhile, Vanraj enters his room and finds Kavya sitting on the bed with Mangalsutra in her hand.

Vanraj wants her to go out while Kavya starts accusing him of causing her a lot of pain. Elsewhere, Anupama and Devika approach the room as Anupama wants to apply ointment on Vanraj’s back.

Vanraj tries to calm down Kavya but she shouts at him. Kavya is not able to budge and wants to get her right. Elsewhere, Samar stops Anupama for a picture and is happy to see her happy.

Kavya spoils the bed decoration and threatens to tell Anupama the truth. Meanwhile, Anupama is again disrupted as Jhilmil comes up with an emergency kitchen situation.

Kavya wants to be Vanraj’s one and only wife. She wishes to go and tell everyone and also opens the door lock. Vanraj stops her and asks her to be patient as no one will accept their relationship.

Kavya opens the door handle on purpose while Anupama approaches the room. Kavya calms down and they both hug while Anupama is left in shock after witnessing the scene.

She also hears Vanraj confessing his love for Anupama. Vanraj and Kavya get intimate on the bed while Anupama falls unconscious. Vanraj and Kavya come to senses and realize Anupama has fainted.

The written update of 21 October 2020 Anupama episode full story ends.

Upcoming Anupama episode update: Vanraj asks Kavya to leave while Shah's family learns about Anupama’s fall.

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