Anupama Written Update 5th August 2020: Samar is in love

Anupama Written Update 5th August 2020: Samar is in love

Anupama 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 5 Aug episode starts with Samar going out to get stuff for the family. His friend, Varun hides his face to save himself from any girl tying him Rakhi.

Samar is confident no such girl exists who ties Rakhi to random guys. A girl comes in front of him at the same time with a bunch of Rakhis. Samar gets into a cute banter with the girl and gets attracted to her.

Meanwhile, Anupama is happy to see Vanraj enjoying with the family members. Dolly also comes along with Meenu and Sanjay to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

Samar uses his 500 rupees to buy Rakhis from the girl to help the old and needy uncle. Later, Vanraj accidentally compares his situation with Paritosh’s situation. He handles the situation and enjoys the family.

Kavya continues to call Vanraj but his phone is not with him. Vanraj and Anupama do the Pooja while Kavya’s video call is picked up by Meenu. She asks Meenu to give the phone to Vanraj.

Meenu is unable to give the phone and shows her that Anupama and Vanraj are doing Pooja together. Kavya gets angry to see Anupama’s hand in Vanraj’s hand.

Anupama’s family arrives and Vanraj welcomes them inside. The kids also meet each other and get happy while Leela taunts Anupama’s mother. Mamaji handles the situation and makes everyone laugh.

The written update of 5 August 2020 Anupama episode full story ends.

Upcoming Anupama episode update: The whole family celebrates Rakhi while Vanraj talks to Kavya. 

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