Anupama Written Update 9th October 2020: Kavya's fake apology

Anupama Written Update 9th October 2020: Kavya's fake apology

Anupama 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 9 Oct episode starts with Baa taunting Kavya for coming into their house. Kavya touches Baa’s feet and apologizes for misbehaving with her.

Kavya says she shouldn’t have come in the photograph and indirectly talks about joining an alliance with the family. Nandini knows Kavya is doing acting and gets angry at her.

Baa accepts Kavya’s apology and asks Kavya to enjoy the function. She says she is also excited as if it is her marriage. Kavya has apologized as she is going to be the daughter-in-law of the family.

Nandini is upset while Anupama asks her about her dull face. Nandini lies that her favorite jacket is torn while Samar gets sad. Paritosh and Pakhi tease Samar.

The family members start playing musical chairs while Dolly gets out first. The second person to get out of the game is Baa but she refuses to leave the game. Nandini remains tensed while Samar asks her to not get attached to things.

Nandini contemplates telling Samar the truth but fails to tell him. Further, one by one everyone gets out of the musical chairs game, and only Nandini, Vanraj, Kavya, and Anupama are left.

Kavya pushes Anupama and sits in her place while Nandini leaves the third chair to let Anupama stay in the game. Vanraj is out next while Kavya and Anupama are left in the game.

Anupama and Kavya offer their chairs to Vanraj but he refuses to stay in the game. Bapuji suggests Kavya and Anupama do a face-off of questions and answers.

Kavya questions Anupama and Anupama gives amazing answers. Kavya talks about stealing love while Anupama suggests if you need to snatch something it is not yours.

Later, Anupama wins the game while everyone praises her. Samar asks Vanraj to put the crown on Anupama and calls her his queen. Kavya fumes in anger witnessing the scene.

The written update of 9 October 2020 Anupama episode full story ends.

Upcoming Anupama episode update: Anupama and Vanraj celebrate Mehandi function while Kavya also wants to put Mehandi.

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