Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 episode starts with Kuldeep telling Kunal on the video call that the best gift he got is that now he has a granddaughter.

He then says that he is very happy for him and tells Vandana that he wants to walk over the past and have a fresh start.

Vandana says that she has already forgotten everything after which Kuldeep calls Vani lovingly as Vedu which brings tears to her eyes.

He asks for her forgiveness, asking her to make all the preparations for Vandana and Kunal's wedding.

Kuldeep then asks Kunal if he can come visit him for some time to which Kunal immediately agrees.

Kunal then puts on some music, making everyone dance in happiness while Kuldeep and Pammi exchange evil smiles.

Later, Vandana bids Kunal goodbye to which Kunal asks if she has any problem when he goes to Kuldeep.

Vandu replies that she would never have a problem with this and then waves Kunal goodbye.

Mrunal goes to Vandana Niwas and begs Vandu to hear her once as asks for Vandana's forgiveness.

Vandana asks Mrunal if she has any shame left that she has come back asking for forgiveness but Mrunal keeps asking for forgiveness.

However, Vandana adds that she brought Mrunal up like a mother to which she replies that Mrunal does not have any money.

Elsewhere, Kunal and Vani are very happy because of Kuldeep's positive reaction as they both cannot believe that everything is okay and then they hug each other in happiness.

Vani thinks that in just a second everything went back to normal however, she has a little doubt in her heart about Kuldeep's intentions.

Back at Vandana Niwas, Vandana tells Mrunal that she knows Mrunal is trying to Manipulate her but since she made a promise to her mother to always take care of Mrunal that is the only reason she will let her in.

She also says that she can live in the house but not be a member of the house and is just a tenant.

The next day, Kunal picks Tara who is sad because he is leaving when Kunal says that he will be back very soon.

He then, asks Tara not to trouble Vandana to which she replies that she will take care of Vandana and herself.

Kunal turns to Vandana and asks her to take care of her as he is leaving for 6 months which sounds like a lot but time will eventually pass.

He then asks Vandana to call him if anything goes wrong as he will come back immediately.

Kunal leaves along with Bobby while Vandana watches him leave, Kunal then takes out his head out of the car and thinks that only after 6 months he, Vandu and Tara will become a family.

Vandana reminisces her past with Kunal and smiles.

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