Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th January 2024 episode starts with episode starts with Kunal hitting a woman with his car which makes him and Vandana rush to her.

Kunal picks the woman up and is shocked to see that it is no one but Vani which makes him stammer her name and call her mother.

He is not able to believe his eyes while Vandana sprinkles some water over her without realizing that she is Kunal's mom.

She asks Kunal to help her as her hands are dirty however, Kunal has frozen which makes Vandana do it herself.

Kunal steps back while Vandana tells him that nothing will happen to her.

She adds that he does not need to worry about the accident as she is still alive and they just need to take her to the hospital.

Kunal starts crying at the game of destiny which landed his mother in front of his car.

He says while crying that he hates his mother which takes him to a flashback where he was all alone because of Vani.

Vandana then takes Vani to the car while Kunal is still not able to comprehend however, seeing Vandana struggling with Vani he goes to them and holds Vani from falling down.

Meanwhile, Pammi holds Vani's necklace and calls it Vani's last belonging to which Vedika says that her mother is alive and this is not her last belonging.

Pammi says that her mother abandoned her to which Vedika says that her mother was falsely accused.

Vedika says that soon Vani will come and reveal the truth about everything.

Back on the road, Kunal helps Vani into the car after which he gets a panic attack.

Vandana drives the car and takes Vani to the hospital along with Kunal.

The doctor tells them that only the reports will reveal the condition of Vani to which Vandana says that he can call them if something happens.

Vandana then goes to Kunal and asks him to go as they will come tomorrow to visit her however, Kunal's hands are shivering and lands on Vani's feet.

Vandana helps him get up and then leaves along with him.

Meanwhile, Vedika is in her room and missing her mother while viewing the drawings she made in her childhood for her mom.

Kunal enters the room and stands there frozen which worries Vedika, Kunal hugs her tightly but does not say anything.

Vedika keeps asking him what is wrong to which Kunal says only one word and that is mother.

She asks if he has seen Vani to which Kunal says that Vani got into an accident with his car and then he took her to the hospital.

Vedika is not able to believe her ears while Kunal tells her that he is a hundred percent sure.

Vandana overhears this and gets shocked while Vedika hugs Kunal, saying that she knew Vani would come back.

Vedika asks Kunal to take her to Vani however, Kunal says that this is an ill omen that Vani is back in their lives.

He says that nothing has changed while crying as Vani is responsible for their horrible childhood.

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