Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th September 2023 episode starts with Bobby telling Kunal that they should celebrate if they manage to get Mr Shah on as an investor for the company while Kunal seems distracted.

On the other hand, Vandana manages to gather courage as she slaps the owner, Mr. Shah making him fall to the ground.

He looks at her angrily as she states that she is not that desperate and says that there is nothing more valuable than one's dignity.

She mocks the man telling him that she is not someone to be used of and starts recording him saying that she's going to make him viral as the owner hides his face and apologizes to Vandana.

Even as she trembles with fear, she continues recording him and runs away after getting her document file.

Kunal and Bobby bump into Vandana when Kunal notices her timid expression but fails to speak to her.

Vandana washes her face from the water nearby as Mr Shah's words continue to ring in her ears.

Meanwhile, at the office, Kunal and Bobby greet Mr. Shah who shows them his proposal.

Kunal asks him why he's investing in their company being a  music producer himself while Mr. Shah states that he doesn't care about the talent or the voice but money only.

They make the deal and are walking away but Kunal stops and turns back to ask Mr. Shah about Vandana Karmarkar.

Mr. Shah continues insulting Vandana and changes the narrative making her out to be a characterless lady who'll do anything for money.

Kunal grabs Mr. Shah by the collar telling him that Vandana might have an irritating voice but she is not characterless like he described.

Mr. Shah asks what's the big deal while Kunal calls off the deal stating that he doesn't deal with people who don't think of a lady's respect as a big deal.

The brothers start driving away as Bobby asks Kunal how he knows that Vandana is not like that.

Elsewhere, Vandana continues stumbling in the rally being overwhelmed with the events while Kunal gets stuck in traffic and gets out of the car in anger.

Seeing Vandana in a hasty state, Kunal runs to her and she is shocked to see him as she falls unconscious in his arms.

Bobby is shocked to see Vandana in Kunal's arms as Kunal tells Vandana that she needs to go to a doctor.

However, even in her unconscious state, Vandana tells him that she wants to go home.

At home, both families eye each other as they wait for Vandana, Kunal, and Bobby.

They are shocked to see Kunal coming there with Vandana in his arms as he rushes inside Karmarkar's house.

Vandana's in-laws get angry at Kunal while Pammi rebukes Vandana and Mrunal, saying that the two sisters are trying to leech off of them.

Inside the Karmarkar house, Anagha makes Vandana drink water while Kunal tells them that even though he was not in the room, he knows what happened and tells them.

Vaibhav comments on how Kunal knew when he was not inside the room while Kunal retorts that he did not have to sit in a cafe to figure it out.

Hearing this, Vaibhav gets angry and tells Kunal not to dance on his head while Vaibhav's family also mocks Kunal and Vandana's family.

Kunal tells Vijay to take care of Vandana and leaves as Savita starts rebuking Vijay and Vandana saying that their dignity is going to be destroyed if she keeps arriving home in someone's arms.

Vijay stands up for his daughter saying that Vandana's character is more dignified than anyone who raises a finger at her while Savita continues insulting him telling him that all his problems will be over if he sells his house.

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