Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th January 2024 episode starts with Kunal telling Vedika while crying that Vani is responsible for creating a void in their hearts and taking their happiness and childhood from them.

He says that they used to spend all day and night staring at the door waiting for Vani however she did not care at all.

Vedika says that she remembers everything but she is their mother and that is why he is in pain right now Kunal says while crying that today when she came in front of him, his heart started crying.

Vandana hears everything and cries along with Vani and Kunala, after which she rushes to the room and cries.

She says to herself that a childhood without a mother is a curse and she has faced it too.

Meanwhile, Vedika thinks that when Kunal finds the truth then he will realize that Vani was never wrong.

Kunal goes to the room with red tired eyes where Vandana is already there.

Vandana brings him in and gives him some water so that he calms down after which she feeds him with her own hands.

Tara wakes up shouting Mom and dad which makes Vandana rush to her.

Tara tells them that she dreamed of her death to which Kunal says that the doctor says that Tara is going to be alright in just a few days.

Kunal then says that she has a mother Vandana and that is why she will never feel alone.

Tara when lies down with Kunal while Vandana sings a song for them while patting their head which reminds Kunal of his mother.

The next day, Vedika, Vandana, and Kunal go to the hospital and see Vani sitting outside in a wheelchair in a garden.

Back at home, Soniya tells Pammi that something is going on as Vandana and Kunal have gone out alone.

They then see Bobby talking to Mrunal which makes Mrunal tease Pammi while Pammi gives the two a death stare.

They then play the eye contact game which makes Pammi come and call Mrunal a golddigger to which Bobby says that Pammi cannot talk to Mrunal like this.

Rano tells Mrunal that she must be feeling very good causing a rift between son and mother while Soniya says to her that Mrunal should learn how to shed tears properly if she wants to earn a place in the house.

Mrunal says that this is Soniya's job to cry and win a place in Kunal's heart, not hers.

Meanwhile, Vedika goes to Vani while Kunal holds Vandana's hand tightly.

Vedika kisses Vani's hand and calls her mother while crying.

She tells her that she is her daughter and that yesterday Kunal found her after all these years, Vandana tries to take Kunal to Vani however he acts like a little child.

Vedika tells Kunal that Vani is not able to recognise her as she does not speak a word which makes Vandana go to her and hug her.

Vani then sees Kunal and the look on her face changes when the doctor comes and says that Vani has been taking some heavy dose medicines which affected her memory which will eventually come back and for now they can take her back home.

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